Today was nice. There’s probably only one person who’ll get what I mean though, unless anyone out there is psychic and not telling me. Anyhoo I woke up early this morning (7ish) then went back to sleep and woke up later (930). I had chinese food for breakfast and walked to history with Ethan (he was in Kelley’s room). Got out of history lec, went to hist disc and have now decided that I’m screwed. I’m doomed. And I hate history. Well, discussion is actually interesting, but the lectures are confusing and hard to follow. I spent the afternoon with Stephen, ditching History review (somehow, I didn’t think it would help me much.) and probably freaking my roommate out. Haha. I dropped math yesterday. HAR! I’m now down to 17 units, from 21. Four classes and a decal from five classes and a decal. I decided to drop math on wednesday, after finally attending lecture (mainly because Jaci wanted to) and deciding that I was throughly doomed (and that I didn’t really feel like doing math homework that night). So I spent my newly formed Thursday lunch break dropping the class and having lunch with Simon. Stupid lying dinosaur. Not stolen, my ass. It’s nice to have a lunch break. Wednesday was spent with Jaci. She decided to spend part of her President’s Week break with me. following me around school and seeing what going to a big college is like. How thrilling. I woke up when she called, got dressed and ran downstairs. I must’ve looked horrible, she said I looked frazzeled oh well. My fault for being a lazy ass and not getting out of bed ahead of time. History was boring, she ended up reading her bio book. We sat at the back of Wheeler during Anthony’s Psych class and had lunch with him. He was, as usual, racist, silly and funny. It’s a good thing that Jaci is a.) asian and b.) a good sport. We then went to math lecture (who knew Anthony loved Prof Ratner’s accent so much?) then left Anthony there to take his CS midterm. I went to MCB disc, she sat outside and wrote an essay for some scholarship thing. Jas, Jaci and I were eating outside the GBC when Mr. Chee and Bradley came to pick her (Jaci) up. I’m too lazy to write about everything in detail, and I’m sure that gets pretty boring to read, if anyone reads, that is. Conclusion: This week (mainly Wednesday to today (friday)) has been fun. Very fun. It’ll cancel out with next week and my three midterms and one paper, I suppose. Oh well. Random funny thing: *Katherine is lying under her comforter, Kelly walks in* Um are you dressed? Other random funny thing: Anthony: you know what that is, right? (he had mentioned blowjobs, I don’t remember why) Me: Yeah Me: It’s a drink and something else Anthony: It’s only a drink to dirty girls like you, Katherine. (he still doesn’t believe that its a drink. as in, alcoholic drink. But it was funny anyway.

Dream Jungle

School in half an hour. Three day weekend, and I feel like I’ve gotten nothing accomplished. Which I really haven’t, I read my history book, but that was about it. I did start reading Jessica Hagerdorn’s Dream Jungle. It’s an interesting book so far, especially to me, as parts of it deal with life from the POV of Lina, a househelp for some rich guy. She steals hair ribbons from her boss’s daughter (who she thinks has so many) gossips with the other help about their amo. Yeah, reminds me of the Philippines. Haha. Anyhow, I haven’t updated in a while, I shall start from Friday. Friday We didn’t have history lec, which was a very good thing. Instead we had an hour of discussion and an hour in the library (I’ve been to the library now! kinda). So Friday only had two hours of history. Hahaha. So after history and blobbing around in my room for a bit, Stephen and I went to watch Constantine. It was a neat concept, but it needed more developing and explaining. And John (aka Keanu Reeves) reminded me of Hikaru in all his multiple incarnations. Though more of the Endtimes Hikaru, I suppose. We went back to Berkeley (we watched ze movie in the Metreon) and had dinner at this Chinese place which was a nice change from normal food (aka, what I normally eat, living in the dorm). We then went back to my room (as Erika had gone home for the weekend and Yi, well, Yi doesn’t live in our room on a regular basis) and had fun confusing people on the hub and stuff. Between me going to sleep, hitting him with my starfish (he called it a sailors hat), tickling him, getting tickled (evil, evil boy) and talking to people online, he somehow fixed my MMC reader (Gateway restore discs are STUPID) and installed Linux. I’ve been brainwashed! :O Saturday & Sunday Woke up at about 10, a bit before my mum called to tell me she was picking me up. We had breakfast at some place across the street from Betty’s Ocean View, as the wait there was a freaking hour and a half long. Sunday was similarly boring, though breakfast consisted of pizza, eggs and I don’t remember what. ^^;; basically, my three day weekend was fairly boring. I spent most of the time at home, trying to read my History book (failing miserably, due to my short attention span) or doing things for my parents (laundry, food, printing the lunar calender or with my parents (breakfast, lunch, dinner, too much talking Monday, 10ish onward Parents dropped me off here (dorm) at about tenish. I told them that I didn’t want to have to wake up early and carry all my stuff up to my room in the morning, which I didn’t. So they dropped me off last night. I fixed my room up (put stuff back in my drawers, put sheets on the bed, threw out some of my old water bottles and crap) and attempted to use Linux (what I’m on now). Not too surprisingly, I was confused by a number of things, and started bugging Stephen. He came over (while Yi and I were talking to Lenny and Drea about saying orange and turtle) and unconfused me a tad bit about all that goes on in this thing called Linux. Though I still have no clue as to what does what in general. I know blue means folders and green means executable. and, yeah. Hehe. I think Erika was kinda pissed, as Jojo and Yi slept here. Stephen and I, once again, ended up tickling each other (more of him tickling me, though) and such. I Stephen’s hair. It’s all soft and fuzzy. I’d call it squishy, but as he pointed out last night (or early this morning, to be technical) there’s no way that his hair is squishy by a normal person’s definition of squishy. Anyhow, must get dressed and tramp off to class, where I might reboot into Windows so I can use wireless. Maybe, maybe not.


I went to the kurohana meeting thingy today. I didn’t really plan on at first, since I don’t know anyone there and I’m not all that great at talking to people and making friends IRL. But I went anyway, mostly because it reminded me so much of Tespan, Alyssa, Jopie, Aurora and, most significantly, Pam. Pam, LO, Char. Playing seme-seme-uke (is that what it was called?) and all that. I suppose I went to kurohana hoping to find people of common interest. I’m not as into anime and such as, let’s say, Pam is, but I kinda miss it. Sure, I get more than enough anime here, but I really don’t think anyone would appreciate the yaoi side comments I used to be so used to making. I don’t say it enough, but I miss Char. I miss Pam. I miss Fatims. I miss Candy. enough of me missing people. It only makes me more miserable. So Katherine woke up at 930 this morning (well, at 8, but I went back to sleep then) and got home from the kurohana meeting at um. sometime past 10. This morning, as I was leaving Wheeler Aud (where I had MCB and Pol Sci) Jas said, I’ll see you later, whenever you get outta class6ish? I commented that classes ended at 630 and decal stuff at about 8. Then she said, Y’know, if you ever need it, I’m 18, I can get you a gun. And much laughter ensued. Jas is rather hillarious, when she’s not moody. At anyrate, I am off take a shower. I told myself I would go to sleep early (to make up for going to sleep at 5 last night and 6 the night before) so I should go shower. ^^;

If Only

Kt zero 3 (3:22:38 AM): its weird Kt zero 3 (3:22:41 AM): its like u arnt a real person=P Kt zero 3 (3:22:44 AM): u dont have any problems Kt zero 3 (3:22:52 AM): and u seem happy all the time if only I really was.

Two Days Short of Two Years

Somehow I haven’t been needing to update as much recently. My life is boring. It wouldn’t be boring if I was in Manila. (Or I think it wouldn’t be.) So, in the last hour, I’ve installed b2evo twice – once for Namu and once for Feli. Feli wants a tagboard too, and that involves a mysql db, so I guess I’ll do it for her. But that’ll get done some time later. I have stuff I have to fix on my own site like the content pages and the new skin. Which is sposed to be up by Feb 14. Guess why. Hah. I probably won’t finish it in time though, since my mother is being evil and dragging me out tomorrow. I made choco chip cookies earlier, following this bizzare recipe Mum found in a magazine. They turned out better than I thought they would I mean who puts Grapenuts in cookies? But it works, so i’m keeping the recipe. Yesterday I reformatted. For no good reason, other than that I’ve been meaning to do so (again, for no good reason). So far I haven’t thought of anything that I forgot to back up But I am sorely missing Photoshop (my fault, as I have the CD sitting on the table next to my laptop) and Excel (I um. don’t know where I put the CD of that >_&lt . I also haven’t reinstalled AIM (just because I don’t like the program) and YM (because the installer requires that I be online. and AOL is sucky-ly slow.) I do have MSN, however All the important people I talk to, except two, have MSN. Oh, and my floormates, but since I’m at home, I don’t really need to ask them if they’re going to dinner yet. I’ve installed Litestep though, which is nice. I was confusing myself without it. Like I’d hit win+z before opening another program ( that switches virtual desktops) or I’d right-click instead of hitting the start button. stuff like that. Thursday was I Love You NOT! the {m} open mic. My laptop was sacrificed and turned into a background. I set my wallpaper as something that should be a new layout here pretty soon Anyhow, we used the projector we’d used during the decal and ta-da – background. Except whenever my computer would go to sleep (ten mins, if I didn’t move the mouse around) the projecty-bit would go all blue. People are amazing. Darlene, who was in my math class last sem, did this poem-ish thing which was well, really good (or I thought so, at least). Lenny sang his song and I think we’re going to abduct him to do music stuff. Cass (who was in my Sociology class last sem) read something I’ve read online before (he told everyone he didn’t write it) and people loved it. Oh, and has a new layout! Not as girly and eyesore-ishly colorful. Totally lacking color, actually. OMG. Okay, I’m talking to Namu and Namu: What’s your last name? O.o Me: loh. why, did it show up somewhere? Namu: Nah Me: Were you just curious? Namu: I’m confused right now Do you have a friend named katherine? This turned out to be why: Hi!This is Katherine Diaz, a friend of Loh’s/Oriana’s/Yuriko’s *the girl has way too many names* from the Philippines. Since Valentine’s is tomorrow, could you please greet her from Philia, and tell her we miss her? She’ll know what it means. ^^ Tell your mutual friends too, please. It’s surprisingly hard to find people we can ask directly. -_- Thanks a million! ^^ Tatsie is AMAZING. I her. Even though she’s confused and didn’t realize that I don’t know Namu irl. Or maybe she did know, I wouldn’t put it past her. It’s the twelfth today, my time, it’s the thirteenth in the Philippines. So 529 days ago, Tatsie and I started our little relationship. (Valentines day, two years ago just in case I did my math wrong.) Yes, laugh at me, I remember these things. We (Philia) were on the floor, at the back of A (which was the History IW thing) taking about who people liked. When it got to me, I probably gave my usual response of not liking anyone in that way, and someone (Prit, I think) concluded that I didn’t like guys because I liked Tatsie. That’s why they’re always together! After IW, Char and I were downstairs and Claudine, I think, was selling roses (why you’d sell roses in an all-girls school is beyond me) so I got Tatsie one for the heck of it. Thirty pesos outta my life savings, I hope she appreciated it. I wish I still had the ICQ logs of the conversations I had with people afterward. Especially Drea’s, Wait, do you seriously like her? (Or something along those lines) But yes, Ori/Kloh/Katherine s Tatsie. Whether I in that way is up to you to decide.

Hide and Seek

I got out of CS at 6. Walked back to my dorm, left my computer there, walked back to the Campanile and met up with Stephen there. We walked down to Bart, and Bart’d over to the city. More specifically, the Metreon. We watched Hide and Seek, which wasn’t really, really scary, but was rather freaky and disturbing. And nakakagulat, as all half-way scary movies are. We then Bart’d back, had pizza (HUGE slices. Could feed me for a whole day!) and repeatedly attempted to tickle each other. Or, in my case, poke him in the side to surprise him. I’m just actually waaaay too lazy to update properly right now, as I’m about to go to sleep. But, once again, tonight was fun. Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow. And, as a side note, Stephen (not Stephen I just went to a movie with, but Stephen from the Netherlands) is my new online best friend. I ¦ him for listening to me bitch for a good chunk of my afternoon, or a good chunk of whatever time of the day it was over there.

Couple days worth of stuff

So I haven’t updated for a couple days. What’s happened since the last time I updated? Nothing much, actually. I woke up Thursday (and forgot to mention this) and Taylor had texted me. It’s always kinda surprising when he calls or texts, since he lives in the middle of nowhere. -_-;; But that was neat. Though at first I was thinking, Who texts me at seven in the morning? Then I woke up on Friday morning, rolled over to look at my computer (to see what time it was, mind you) and poof! my computer wasn’t sitting on my table. So I freak out, only to discover that my laptop was on my bed – I had gone to sleep next to it. Friday classes were generally boring. Math needs to be learned and history lecture needs to be listened to (what I should actually be doing now, but am not doing). During History discussion (two hours of mind-numbing discussion) I found out who Skysec off the DC hub was (last monday we discovered that we were in the same class & discussion, which was rather awesome/amusing). After math (last subject) I met Stephen (aka, Pimentel on the DC hub). We played some chess, which was fun, though he kicked my ass both times. He has a cool board though, it rolls up and stuff. *aliw* We had dinner at Foothill with the person known as ComicalOyster, who attempted to explain a whole lotta stuff to me. Those two are such nerds. So Friday was meet-people-from-online day. Then Saturday was pretty boring, Mum and I visited Lola Belita, who made us Filipino food. And Sunday was horrid. Boring. Mleh. Looking at houses, which is boring as hell. Weekend = no homework done It rained this morning/last night. Ickyness. I hope it doesn’t rain today/tonight. Tats, debate was fun. And we loved it cos we were losers that way. And yes, we never did get around to dancing around the fire.


I’m sitting in Wheeler waiting for PS2 to start, so I was checking all the webpages I used to go to a lot I ended up The Bronze where I was looking through the member directory, I picked out the account Char and I used to share, with the shared blog (my first ever non-freeserver one). It ran on GM But it was pretty limited in terms of features, so although I was dissapointed at first at Cyberpixels (old host) wouldn’t let me install it because of security issues, I got over that pretty quick b2evo does so much more. Anyhow, my rather cool discovery (stolen off that blog)~ Baaaah. I never did get around to coming up with a list of all the Bers blogs and sites. Hrm. I was incredibly bored last night, and while taking a shower, I came to the conclusion that I feel like my brain is atrophying. Yes, this (starting last sem) is the only time I’ve done decently at math that I don’t like (I liked Trig, so that doesn’t really count) and my classes are interesting. But, with the exception of math, it feels like it’s such a one-way thing. I listen to the lecture and absorb. There’s little thinking and analysis on my part, past reading a little and sometimes bullshitting a short paper or something. High school wasn’t much different, but I had debate then. As much as it would scare me sometimes *coughs*Bobby*coughs* or the times I didn’t feel like debating or had no idea as to what I was talking about *cough*Quarters of IISDC*coughs* but it was interesting and it was fun (in a sort of strange, dorky way, but still.) I pretty much lived and breathed Debate *coughs*Tatsie*coughs* I remember being at her house once with John and Roxanne (and James Bitanga) and we were eating lunch after a round or two. John and I were arguing about something (I don’t remember what, but I think it was something UN-related). Or the several times I’d talk about things with my parents or Tatsie or explained things to the younger debaters. I miss doing that. What’s the really sad part? Even if I found someone to talk about this stuff with, I don’t think I could. It’s my fault, I suppose, I have no idea what’s going on in the world and have really done little but sit around online since getting here. Mleh. I’ve got classes till at least 7. Maybe 730 or 8ish, depending on how long the {m} staff meeting turns out to be.


Erm, I don’t know if I should really call her a hostee. But I spose she kinda is, I’m going to be hosting Namu soon. Soon being when things stop crapping up and work properly. The domain propagated fine, but her .htaccess isn’t working right, and neither is her index page. We’ll give it some time before I start actively looking for what’s wrong. Anyhow, I’m not sure if Namu really counts as a hostee because a. I offered and b. it’s a domain and c. she’s not one of those cluless newbies (haha, I you anyway, Feli) who I have to explain loads of stuff too. But she’s clueless in her own way. Mmm It’s Cheng’s birthday today, and she’s amazed that I remembered. I spose I should be hurt, but that isn’t a surprsing reaction, as I generally forget birthdays. I remember the day before and two days before, but not on the day itself. -_- Anyhoo, off I go to continue being a bum. I finished my math homework early, so I can semi-legitly be a bum, rather, i can be one and not feel bad about it (who’m I kidding, I never feel bad about it.)


I have a new stuffed animal. It’s an elephant, and it’s soft and cute and squishy and, mmmmm. cute. So I’m at home again, spending the weekend with my mother and getting little to no work done. This morning (morning being about 12 noon) we picked up Drea then the three of us (though Mum was off in another store) spent the day at the Great Mall. Between Drea and I, neither of us bought much, we just did a lot of talking. and wondering why Americans are the way they are. Hahaha, really. Drea: Oh, that 40 day thing really affected them. You’ll see, they’re different. Me: Different? Drea: Yeah, I just can’t think of any other reason for it, so it has to be that. And after walking around for a while, she was saying she wanted a smoothie. But we didn’t know which way the food court was, so Drea says that an Icee will do. Then I turn slightly, and notice we’re standing next to an Icee thing neither of us noticed. Me: Hey, there’s an Icee thing! Drea: Woah! Cool! Me: Say Computer! Drea: No! That’d be cool though. Money. Car. Gas *pauses to think* BOYFRIEND! *after trying on some shirt* Me: Eh Shirt too small. Drea: You can lend it to me for a week, I’ll stretch it. Me: Er, it’ll shrink after being washed too. Maybe I should just lose weight. *pause* Not happening. Drea: I knew it, notice how I didn’t even consider that. (Sidenote, I’m not huge, I just don’t like wearing particularly fitted t-shirts. I’m usually in something that doesn’t stick to my skin. It feels gross otherwise.) rea’s so much fun. Too bad I’d have to take Bart + AmTrack or Bart + Bus to go see her. If it wasn’t such a long (well, not really, I just don’t like sitting on Bart for extended periods of time without someone else there since I go to sleep, and if I’m asleep, I’ll miss my stop) ride, otherwise I’d go see her more often, and not just when my mom is here. I can’t believe she wants to join the business fraternity (brother Andrea? WTH?). -_- Mmk. Off to shower. Must sleep more, since I am weird. I need tons more sleep than I did in high school, which sucks.