So I met up with Vin and Nicole at the F stop So Kristina, Vin, Roxanne, Nicole, Barbara, Ken and I took the bus to San Fran, walked to Soma Fest and camped out there till four. The walk wasn’t bad, though it got horribly cold and windy at some points. We got there without getting lost (yay for us) and everything was fairly uneventful except when we saw the bus we could have taken stopping across the street and Kristina goes~ That’s the bus we’re supposed to be on!!!! REALLY really loud. And Vin goes, Run after it, you just ran a marathon! SOMAFest itself was pretty fun. I got two goldfish (haha, let’s see how long they last) after Vin chickened out. We were also sposedly doing face painting, though only Nicole was drawing with Ken doing the mangos (since he draws them pretty) I also had so much fun poking Henry in the side since he makes this really funny sound I started getting cramps partway through, so I took another tablet of Aleeve I usually don’t have to take two in a day, but everyone was so cheerful and energetic I couldn’t help it. X_x Lol, major pack animal-ness. I took a total of seventy pictures including some pretty neat looking pictures of the goldfish and a troll. Haha. I bought filipino food for lunch, incredibly rich and greasy – typical. There was also cotton candy, which was really good. It wasn’t normal it was flavored in someway and absolutly HUGE. Strangely, however, it melted pretty fast I never thought of San Fran as a humid place. I remember Cheng’s debut, with the darned fountains and how fast the cotton candy would melt. Henry drove us all back to school and dropped us off at our homes I was stuck in the middle front seat between Henry and Vin, which was actually okay, though it was pretty hard not to fall asleep. Got back to the dorm, ran into Daniel, who was on his way out to check his mail and looking like a pineapple, stuck around in my room some, on the internet. Played Gunbound for a while, had dinner, met up with Adrien (is it just me or that’s not the normal spelling of that name?) and Nicole and we took the bus to Kristina’s house. I felt really funny on the bus, since I was standing there with a backpack and a pillow and my pillowcase is this cutesy thing I got at IKEA – it’s white with all these little colorful monsters all over it. Typical kid stuff. Typical Kloh. So we get to Kristina’s house, march up the three flights of stairs and woah, she has a cool room. Majorly. At any rate, we decide we are in need of munchies, so Nicole, Kristina and I walk over to Andronico’s to buy food. We deemed Safeway too far, so we just dealt with the expensiveness. We bought smores, bread, cream cheese, cracker-things and water. Then when we got back to her house, we nicked a bag of chips and a bunch of plastic cups from the kitchen and carried everything up. I suppose we got a fair amount of work done, though it didn’t feel like it. We’re generally going with the idea of power, though we just don’t know how we’re going to phrase that in the call for submissions. Vin did come up with a funny idea for the title – Maganda Magazine Special Issue: How to change the world. We started throwing ideas around for cover designs too though I didn’t bring my laptop, so I couldn’t do anything. While er the art guy (the only person whose name I don’t remember. Yay for me.) was drawing I fell asleep on Vin’s knee. In the end, everyone more or less gave up on trying to come up with exact phrasing and instead decided to go home. Since just about everyone was going home, I decided to go home as well. So Henry, being the lovely person with a car that he is, dropped us off one by one. Har har. I got back to my room to find a.) Erika asleep and b.) Yi not there. I figured Yi went back to Fresno (more later) and puttered off to the bathroom. Lo and behold, I run into Charlie, annoying boy of the universe. I eventually got him to leave me alone, after refusing to hug him and not letting him into my room (he claims that he wanted to sit on my bed and would be quiet.) Talked to Char for a short time and to Amy, who told me about her and Rosa’s (Bele) idea for Lil and Chris. I’ll get around to doing it some day Though I honestly don’t know what to send. Gaaah A few days left for DW and I can’t stand being in the GH for more than a few minutes. With my luck, it’ll close and I won’t realize it for a couple days. Then again, it’s better this way than when I was totally obsessed At I don’t know what time, I went up to Daniel’s room to bug him, since I had nothing to do in my room. He was finishing a Korean movie which had a pretty funny ending, though I don’t know the story (I saw maybe the last ten mins). Then we played Gunbound and he tried to demo his frustration with his video card through Warcraft but it was working fairly normal looking to me. Haha. At maybe three something I decided to go to sleep so I walked down to my room and Daniel went and updated his LJ while I was sitting there. That was a funny entry, completly pointless. Then someone opened the door (with a key, doi.) and poof – there was Yi, with some random guy behind her. I think he’s a friend of hers from High School and they went to the city together during the day. So she told me that he was going to sleep on the floor I eventually volunteered to let him use my bed, since I probably wouldn’t get much sleeping done anyway. I ended up going to sleep in Daniel’s room, though between the internet and waking up nice and freaking early – I didn’t sleep a whole lot. I left Daniel a note, since he was still asleep when I plodded back to my room to call my mom (since she thought I was at Kristina’s house). Yi was just waking up and her friend was out buying breakfast Yi called him and asked how he was going to get back into our building since he was key-less and he goes, Oh, I took your keys. Smart boy. Mom picked me up, we passed by the little street-food-fair-thingy near the BART station on College and had breakfast/lunch there. I bought a total of five books, paying about $30 for the first two then $2.72 for the second three. I got the first two at Pendragon and the second three at a used-stuff store. I Pegasus and Pendragon bookstores, though I always get them mixed up and don’t know why they have to be so complicated as to have two names anyway. I have so far figured out that Pegasus is the one across from Barnes and Noble on Shattuck and Pendragon is on College and much farther from school. Though I spose if I got really bored and walked far enough (maybe 10 blocks) I’d get there. So now I’m resisting the urge to go read my new (or new though used) books and trying to convince myself to read my Polisci reading instead Bleagh. Or do math homework. Maybe I’ll be extra productive and do both today. Somehow, I doubt that. Oh, and before I go, kudos to Char for being psychic. She just knows me way too well. Lol.