My head hurts. Not majorly, but kinda. (That doesn’t make sense, does it?) Well, I just wrote a fairly long bitchy entry. But it’s on private. Haha. That’s what happens since I can’t filter this blog as well as an LJ can be filtered. Hate. Hate. Hate. Anyhow, before we left to go to the party we went to, some random number calls. So I answer and it’s some guy. Well, I thought it was. It turned out to be Taylor. I haven’t talked to him since. Friday maybe, so that was a pleasant surprise. Haha. He’s out on a school trip thing and he borrowed his friend’s cellphone to call me. How nice of him. That was cool. Though it was like 2am his time, well, he said he had been up playing poker or something. He says he’ll call again on Saturday. & that I shouldn’t call his friend since he (the friend) might pick up. It wouldve been cool if his mom didn’t have a track phone, so she’d probably have free nights and weekends. Then again, calling Berkeley would show up on her bill. Haha. Speaking of phone bills, it’s a really good thing that mom isn’t here anymore, so she can’t check my phonebill. Haha. It’d basically go: Eldred. Eldred. Eldred. Berkeley. Fresno. Eldred. Eldred. I’m talking to Titch. Being totally weird. Reminds me of the time Tiff freaked out cos Titch was saying such strange things. It turned out to be a drunk friend who had taken over his computer.