So mom found the other half of my Sims 2 CDs. But my computer woulndn’t read them. So I had to use mom’s computer to copy them onto blanks and use those. That worked, fairly well. But when the installer hits 77% (or what should be the end of the third disc) it messes up and can’t copy one of the files. I can’t figure out how to get around that. So no Sims 2 for me. I’m going to try to install it on mom’s computer later, when Jonny’s gone. Today we’re going to go drop Jonny off at Kevin’s then Mom and Dad are going shopping for some stuff. I’ve been trying to convince them to let me stay home, but they don’t seem to be liking the idea, especially after last Friday. -_- Like I they’ve never left me alone in this house before. Goddamnit, they’ve been doing that since I was in kindergarten. I’m not going to fall over dead if someone breaks in, I’ve got brains enough to call the police, y’know? And, what are the chances someone is going to break in again? Geezus. I can’t wait for break to be over