I have half a mind to bitch about the world to Stephen right now. Bleh. But I’m sure he can’t enjoy listening to me whine, so I won’t. Or I’ll try not to, anyway. Funny how the people I talk to about these things are people I only know online. I’ve blogged about this. But it’s something that puzzles me to no end. Funny coincidence with the names too, Stephen and Steven. Haha. Anyhow, I have spent altogether too much time today online, chatting with different people and spent almost two hours on the phone with Namu. My neck hurt after that. Silly katherine can’t find her headset, so she couldn’t avoid the neck soreness and keep typing. We’ve also not figured out why the hotlinking is fscked, as it shouldn’t be (yes, you can hotlink off me. Please don’t do with with anything but my banner, as I’ll fix this soon). And and, I don’t remember. Oh, yes, we were poking fun at people’s layouts (shhhh), well, so you don’t all go pick on Namu, it was mostly me poking fun at people (I had my reasons) and her laughing at me. And I was on the DC hub for a while, talking about more random things, like lobster fetishes and rocking chairs. And Spongebob. Basta, random stuff. And, lastly, I have also decided that class from 930 to 630 nonstop ain’t that bad, though 3 hours of history tomorrow might be. And I ended up doing it anyway. I ¦ Stephen for putting up with me when all I do is complain.