cleaning my room

I just finished cleaning my room some I am determined to have a clean room by the time mom gets here on Monday. ^^;; I really haven’t done much today, thanks to my extreme boredom (therefore unproductive-ness) and general laziness. I’ve got another draft for a new layout, but I really don’t think I’m going to get any serious work done for a while. About the skinning and all that, I think I’m going to be a lazyass and just tweak b2evo. I can’t figure out how I’d skin a website that contains a blog. that’s also skinned. That’s like having a skinned site within a skinned site. Making sense? No? Blah. I’d switch to WordPress, and I’m sure it can’t be hard, but I’d rather take the lazy way out and just use b2evo as a general content manager. Haha. I talked to Taylor for a while yesterday and he thinks I’m being a lazy ass, but I am, so it’s no big surprise. We talked about general crap for a while and I hung up on him once or twice by accident (I did call back, mind you.) It’s also amazing how I can talk to someone for a good two hours and sit here not remembering most of what we talked about. ^^;; Maybe I’ve got a bad memory, or maybe it’s just a sign that it was random stuff. *shrugs* Maybe I’ll go to sleep. Maybe I won’t. I’m bored. Very, very bored. Kelley went home earlier. Out of all the people I hang out with half-way regularly, only Simon is left. -_- Looks like I’m in for another boring day tomorrow.