Couple days worth of stuff

So I haven’t updated for a couple days. What’s happened since the last time I updated? Nothing much, actually. I woke up Thursday (and forgot to mention this) and Taylor had texted me. It’s always kinda surprising when he calls or texts, since he lives in the middle of nowhere. -_-;; But that was neat. Though at first I was thinking, Who texts me at seven in the morning? Then I woke up on Friday morning, rolled over to look at my computer (to see what time it was, mind you) and poof! my computer wasn’t sitting on my table. So I freak out, only to discover that my laptop was on my bed – I had gone to sleep next to it. Friday classes were generally boring. Math needs to be learned and history lecture needs to be listened to (what I should actually be doing now, but am not doing). During History discussion (two hours of mind-numbing discussion) I found out who Skysec off the DC hub was (last monday we discovered that we were in the same class & discussion, which was rather awesome/amusing). After math (last subject) I met Stephen (aka, Pimentel on the DC hub). We played some chess, which was fun, though he kicked my ass both times. He has a cool board though, it rolls up and stuff. *aliw* We had dinner at Foothill with the person known as ComicalOyster, who attempted to explain a whole lotta stuff to me. Those two are such nerds. So Friday was meet-people-from-online day. Then Saturday was pretty boring, Mum and I visited Lola Belita, who made us Filipino food. And Sunday was horrid. Boring. Mleh. Looking at houses, which is boring as hell. Weekend = no homework done It rained this morning/last night. Ickyness. I hope it doesn’t rain today/tonight. Tats, debate was fun. And we loved it cos we were losers that way. And yes, we never did get around to dancing around the fire.