Cross Country

Har har! The hotel I’m at now has wireless. I’m enjoying this greatly. Its much nicer than the last one (which is saying something, since the last one was pretty neat too). And its one has WIRELESS. OMG. Wireless. *dies* The life w/o internet and without cellphone reception is pretty weird. And confusing. Anyway, I’ll post pictures later, because my camera died earlier and I have to charge it before I can transfer pictures. I’ve been cross country skiing for the last three days. We did 10km this morning, 8km yesterday, and I don’t remember how much the first day. I am not made for this sort of physical activity! Granted, none of my leg muscles hurt or anything, but my left forearm hurts. Is that not bizzare? Thats about it the interesting part of the post would be the pictures but those are coming in a bit still.