Dinosaur Tails

We finished making Simon’s costume. One big-ass blue dinosaur tail and a bunch of spikes. We also made Kelley’s shell and her weapon things. She’s gonna be a ninja turtle. Not so strangely, however, I have no idea what I’m going to dress up as. I’ve made three people’s costumes, but have none myself. Typical me. I woke up, rolled out of bed and lo-and-behold, Taylor was online. So we worked on GA a bit, then we both had to go. I had lunch/breakfast with a bunch of people from my floor, came back, attempted to poke at windows and change the text on the start button Damn restore features, it replaced my hacked version with the original everytime I do it. Nrrrgh. I was going to try using a hex editor and just sticking to the five characters, but Simon came in while I was working on that, thus, it hasn’t happened. I’ll try again tomorrow or something. Snippet from conv with Taylor: Me: So I make it smaller and the textbox bigger, right? Taylor: Yeah Me: Kay~ Taylor: Good minion. That was funny, cos I call him my minion. But this time, he was the one telling me what to do. I guess that’s generally how we work. With my work/ideas, he pokes at them, and vice versa with his ideas. Freaking heck, Titch is going to LA. *mutters*