Doo Dee Doo~

*does the happy Ori dance* First off, I’ve got a new blog skin, it’s called sleep, after the Conjure One song that I took a line from. The song doesn’t make much sense nor does that line in the context of the song, but I thought it sounded neat. It took me a whole three hours to finish that skin after a while I couldn’t believe how incredibly stupid I was being. It took me forever to figure out how to center the whole thing but keep the text aligned to the right. I was sitting here thinking, Okay, now how did I do that on every other freaking layout I’ve made? It was stupid. It also took me a while to get that skin-choosing drop down menu to work. I was going to try to make one for the archives too but I’m getting annoyed already so I’ll do it another day. Till then archives will have to be navigated through another skin or that calander. Oh, and my body CSS stuff still isn’t working thus the ugly scrollbar. I don’t know WHY it’s not working. ;_; Second reason for being so happy is DW stuff. Hahaha