Dream Jungle

School in half an hour. Three day weekend, and I feel like I’ve gotten nothing accomplished. Which I really haven’t, I read my history book, but that was about it. I did start reading Jessica Hagerdorn’s Dream Jungle. It’s an interesting book so far, especially to me, as parts of it deal with life from the POV of Lina, a househelp for some rich guy. She steals hair ribbons from her boss’s daughter (who she thinks has so many) gossips with the other help about their amo. Yeah, reminds me of the Philippines. Haha. Anyhow, I haven’t updated in a while, I shall start from Friday. Friday We didn’t have history lec, which was a very good thing. Instead we had an hour of discussion and an hour in the library (I’ve been to the library now! kinda). So Friday only had two hours of history. Hahaha. So after history and blobbing around in my room for a bit, Stephen and I went to watch Constantine. It was a neat concept, but it needed more developing and explaining. And John (aka Keanu Reeves) reminded me of Hikaru in all his multiple incarnations. Though more of the Endtimes Hikaru, I suppose. We went back to Berkeley (we watched ze movie in the Metreon) and had dinner at this Chinese place which was a nice change from normal food (aka, what I normally eat, living in the dorm). We then went back to my room (as Erika had gone home for the weekend and Yi, well, Yi doesn’t live in our room on a regular basis) and had fun confusing people on the hub and stuff. Between me going to sleep, hitting him with my starfish (he called it a sailors hat), tickling him, getting tickled (evil, evil boy) and talking to people online, he somehow fixed my MMC reader (Gateway restore discs are STUPID) and installed Linux. I’ve been brainwashed! :O Saturday & Sunday Woke up at about 10, a bit before my mum called to tell me she was picking me up. We had breakfast at some place across the street from Betty’s Ocean View, as the wait there was a freaking hour and a half long. Sunday was similarly boring, though breakfast consisted of pizza, eggs and I don’t remember what. ^^;; basically, my three day weekend was fairly boring. I spent most of the time at home, trying to read my History book (failing miserably, due to my short attention span) or doing things for my parents (laundry, food, printing the lunar calender or with my parents (breakfast, lunch, dinner, too much talking Monday, 10ish onward Parents dropped me off here (dorm) at about tenish. I told them that I didn’t want to have to wake up early and carry all my stuff up to my room in the morning, which I didn’t. So they dropped me off last night. I fixed my room up (put stuff back in my drawers, put sheets on the bed, threw out some of my old water bottles and crap) and attempted to use Linux (what I’m on now). Not too surprisingly, I was confused by a number of things, and started bugging Stephen. He came over (while Yi and I were talking to Lenny and Drea about saying orange and turtle) and unconfused me a tad bit about all that goes on in this thing called Linux. Though I still have no clue as to what does what in general. I know blue means folders and green means executable. and, yeah. Hehe. I think Erika was kinda pissed, as Jojo and Yi slept here. Stephen and I, once again, ended up tickling each other (more of him tickling me, though) and such. I Stephen’s hair. It’s all soft and fuzzy. I’d call it squishy, but as he pointed out last night (or early this morning, to be technical) there’s no way that his hair is squishy by a normal person’s definition of squishy. Anyhow, must get dressed and tramp off to class, where I might reboot into Windows so I can use wireless. Maybe, maybe not.