I’m finally updating. I’m back in the Philippines – the nice humid, polluted concrete jungle that I actually missed while I was away. Note, missed. *shrugs* I guess it’s always like that. Anyhoo – I’m leaving for the Con after I finish eating lunch and, well, start eating lunch. I’ll pick up Char on the way and maybe stop by somewhere to buy Pam Pocky I’ve downloaded most of the songs off Mae, Destination: Beautiful. I almost got that CD while Jonny and I were at Target for the simple reason that the cover was pretty. I didn’t because I had never heard of the band and Jonny and I agreed that it would be pretty stupid of me. Now I think I should’ve bought it oh well. XP Let’s see – what’s happened since I last updated? Went shopping with the Velosos + Drea. That was pretty fun. Did a lot of last minute packing, hopped onto a plane, got horrible allergies and got home. YAY. I don’t feel like writing much – am I obvious? Har har har. Jonny jsut walked in, looking for his cellphone charger My brother is the funniest. I’ve got pictures of him to post later and hopefully get a picture of his Cheshire (spelling?) Cat face (his normal face + mom’s purple/red glasses + a huge goofy grin). Anyhoo – he just walked in wearing what he calls gay jeans and a shirt that’s smaller than his normal shirts aka, more fitted. He looks really, really odd if you ask me, but I still think it’s funny. Jonny in somewhat fitted pants (not his normal skater shorts or baggy pants) and a fitted t-shirt He’ll never hear the end of this from me.