First Day of School.

So first thing, I woke up because Yi and Erika were so freaking noisy. So I finally crawled out of bed and got changed and all that. Till Christine called and I met her in the lobby and we walked off to the Extension building. Haha. While we were waiting for class to start Jonny called me and I was thinking, What the hell, why are YOU calling? And it turned out that he wanted to know how to use the scanner. Pfft, and I thought he actually called becasuse he missed me. Anyhow, classes were fun enough. I almost fell asleep during Rhetotic at first, but then I got less sleepy and everything was okay after that. PoliSci, as people here call it, was pretty fun. Christine and I stayed after class to talk to the professor and we ended up giving him ideas for a 24-second video for Converse. Haha, it was pretty funny. Snippet of PoliSci Class: Prof: So, you out of state people, did you drive or fly? *people mumble answers* Me: Took a boat Prof: Really? *me and the rest of the class burst out laughing* Prof: I was thinking about taking a cruise, so I believed you. All in all, today has been pretty fun. I had dinner out with mum and dad then I got back here, to my dorm room, after dragging my stuff up the stairs and giggling like hell. Then some random guy came into our room to say hi, which was pretty funny. Guy: It’s hard if you’re sitting up Yi: Well, my bed is up there. (Yi is on the upper bunk of a bunk bed) Me: You guys can use my bed. Guy: That sounded wrong. After a while Yi, Erika and I left and we went off to buy food from The Den. So I bought myself more icecream. Haha. This ice cream fix must be really, really bad for me.