Fixed I think

I think I’ve fixed the time properly, I’ll be able to find out for sure after I finish posting this. I hate having LSS. I mean, at least it’s a halfway decent song – Sarah McLachlan’s Possesion, but it’s still annoying. Another annoying thing is I have a bruise on my chin. I hit my chin against the side of the table yesterday when I bent over at an odd angle while I was trying to catch my pink folder while it was falling off the table I was hyper, sleepy and, as always, totally uncoordinated. My dad came in right after and I was laughing nonstop. He though I was psycho. Then again, he probably thinks that on a regular basis. I haven’t gotten much done today. I didn’t see Kali online this morning and she’s online now but we’re not conversing Socs is on away Bleh. I am bored. and lonely. and needing someone to bug. and talk to. I have the coolest mp3, Dyne/Stephen (his msn nick sent it to me yesterday It’s like nine minutes long and pretty (not a word that’s usually used to describe sounds – but I can’t think of a better one) Hahaha I made my brother listen to it earlier and it eventually drove him nuts, though I don’t think it was the music itself but the very cheap speakers I was using. I forgot to mention this earlier – I have the coolest writing teacher. While we were waiting for a taxi to get here we ended up talking about anime and various comics. Hahaha – she watches Fruits Basket too and reads Jhonen Vasquez (however it’s spelled) and Roman Dirge and Vertigo Line (excuse my spelling, I’m not too sure about specifics) And she’s got my DNAngel manga. Wala lang, I thought it was really cool.