Today was nice. There’s probably only one person who’ll get what I mean though, unless anyone out there is psychic and not telling me. Anyhoo I woke up early this morning (7ish) then went back to sleep and woke up later (930). I had chinese food for breakfast and walked to history with Ethan (he was in Kelley’s room). Got out of history lec, went to hist disc and have now decided that I’m screwed. I’m doomed. And I hate history. Well, discussion is actually interesting, but the lectures are confusing and hard to follow. I spent the afternoon with Stephen, ditching History review (somehow, I didn’t think it would help me much.) and probably freaking my roommate out. Haha. I dropped math yesterday. HAR! I’m now down to 17 units, from 21. Four classes and a decal from five classes and a decal. I decided to drop math on wednesday, after finally attending lecture (mainly because Jaci wanted to) and deciding that I was throughly doomed (and that I didn’t really feel like doing math homework that night). So I spent my newly formed Thursday lunch break dropping the class and having lunch with Simon. Stupid lying dinosaur. Not stolen, my ass. It’s nice to have a lunch break. Wednesday was spent with Jaci. She decided to spend part of her President’s Week break with me. following me around school and seeing what going to a big college is like. How thrilling. I woke up when she called, got dressed and ran downstairs. I must’ve looked horrible, she said I looked frazzeled oh well. My fault for being a lazy ass and not getting out of bed ahead of time. History was boring, she ended up reading her bio book. We sat at the back of Wheeler during Anthony’s Psych class and had lunch with him. He was, as usual, racist, silly and funny. It’s a good thing that Jaci is a.) asian and b.) a good sport. We then went to math lecture (who knew Anthony loved Prof Ratner’s accent so much?) then left Anthony there to take his CS midterm. I went to MCB disc, she sat outside and wrote an essay for some scholarship thing. Jas, Jaci and I were eating outside the GBC when Mr. Chee and Bradley came to pick her (Jaci) up. I’m too lazy to write about everything in detail, and I’m sure that gets pretty boring to read, if anyone reads, that is. Conclusion: This week (mainly Wednesday to today (friday)) has been fun. Very fun. It’ll cancel out with next week and my three midterms and one paper, I suppose. Oh well. Random funny thing: *Katherine is lying under her comforter, Kelly walks in* Um are you dressed? Other random funny thing: Anthony: you know what that is, right? (he had mentioned blowjobs, I don’t remember why) Me: Yeah Me: It’s a drink and something else Anthony: It’s only a drink to dirty girls like you, Katherine. (he still doesn’t believe that its a drink. as in, alcoholic drink. But it was funny anyway.