I’m sitting in Wheeler waiting for PS2 to start, so I was checking all the webpages I used to go to a lot I ended up The Bronze where I was looking through the member directory, I picked out the account Char and I used to share, with the shared blog (my first ever non-freeserver one). It ran on GM But it was pretty limited in terms of features, so although I was dissapointed at first at Cyberpixels (old host) wouldn’t let me install it because of security issues, I got over that pretty quick b2evo does so much more. Anyhow, my rather cool discovery (stolen off that blog)~ Baaaah. I never did get around to coming up with a list of all the Bers blogs and sites. Hrm. I was incredibly bored last night, and while taking a shower, I came to the conclusion that I feel like my brain is atrophying. Yes, this (starting last sem) is the only time I’ve done decently at math that I don’t like (I liked Trig, so that doesn’t really count) and my classes are interesting. But, with the exception of math, it feels like it’s such a one-way thing. I listen to the lecture and absorb. There’s little thinking and analysis on my part, past reading a little and sometimes bullshitting a short paper or something. High school wasn’t much different, but I had debate then. As much as it would scare me sometimes *coughs*Bobby*coughs* or the times I didn’t feel like debating or had no idea as to what I was talking about *cough*Quarters of IISDC*coughs* but it was interesting and it was fun (in a sort of strange, dorky way, but still.) I pretty much lived and breathed Debate *coughs*Tatsie*coughs* I remember being at her house once with John and Roxanne (and James Bitanga) and we were eating lunch after a round or two. John and I were arguing about something (I don’t remember what, but I think it was something UN-related). Or the several times I’d talk about things with my parents or Tatsie or explained things to the younger debaters. I miss doing that. What’s the really sad part? Even if I found someone to talk about this stuff with, I don’t think I could. It’s my fault, I suppose, I have no idea what’s going on in the world and have really done little but sit around online since getting here. Mleh. I’ve got classes till at least 7. Maybe 730 or 8ish, depending on how long the {m} staff meeting turns out to be.