I have a new stuffed animal. It’s an elephant, and it’s soft and cute and squishy and, mmmmm. cute. So I’m at home again, spending the weekend with my mother and getting little to no work done. This morning (morning being about 12 noon) we picked up Drea then the three of us (though Mum was off in another store) spent the day at the Great Mall. Between Drea and I, neither of us bought much, we just did a lot of talking. and wondering why Americans are the way they are. Hahaha, really. Drea: Oh, that 40 day thing really affected them. You’ll see, they’re different. Me: Different? Drea: Yeah, I just can’t think of any other reason for it, so it has to be that. And after walking around for a while, she was saying she wanted a smoothie. But we didn’t know which way the food court was, so Drea says that an Icee will do. Then I turn slightly, and notice we’re standing next to an Icee thing neither of us noticed. Me: Hey, there’s an Icee thing! Drea: Woah! Cool! Me: Say Computer! Drea: No! That’d be cool though. Money. Car. Gas *pauses to think* BOYFRIEND! *after trying on some shirt* Me: Eh Shirt too small. Drea: You can lend it to me for a week, I’ll stretch it. Me: Er, it’ll shrink after being washed too. Maybe I should just lose weight. *pause* Not happening. Drea: I knew it, notice how I didn’t even consider that. (Sidenote, I’m not huge, I just don’t like wearing particularly fitted t-shirts. I’m usually in something that doesn’t stick to my skin. It feels gross otherwise.) rea’s so much fun. Too bad I’d have to take Bart + AmTrack or Bart + Bus to go see her. If it wasn’t such a long (well, not really, I just don’t like sitting on Bart for extended periods of time without someone else there since I go to sleep, and if I’m asleep, I’ll miss my stop) ride, otherwise I’d go see her more often, and not just when my mom is here. I can’t believe she wants to join the business fraternity (brother Andrea? WTH?). -_- Mmk. Off to shower. Must sleep more, since I am weird. I need tons more sleep than I did in high school, which sucks.