I just got back from watching Hero with Christina, Remen and er, shiyet, I don’t remember her name. The movie was really pretty, though I think the effects were a bit overdone in some places. Though the whole thing about the leaves changing colors from yellow to red was PRETTY, I think it was overdone and I could just see the hue slide going Whee till the whole thing turned red. The scene would’ve looked nicer if the tree trunks and all stayed normal and not the whole darned screen got red-washed. I went school-supply shopping with mum earlier, so I now have a graphing calc (which I can’t use for the life of me, go backward Philippine students!), a webcam (haha, get me to use it soon. :crazy and erm, a cordless mouse. I got back to my dorm after we picked up dad from the golf course and I intalled my webcam and whee! it worked~! Tried it with Taylor and Titch, both of them said they could see me, but they couldn’t hear me, oh well. Anyhow, class starts tomorrow and Christine said she’d call me, but I have no idea what time that’s going to be, so I’m off to take a shower and possibly, though just possibly, go to sleep. Knowing me, I’ll end up online again. It’s just the way I am