Hide and Seek

I got out of CS at 6. Walked back to my dorm, left my computer there, walked back to the Campanile and met up with Stephen there. We walked down to Bart, and Bart’d over to the city. More specifically, the Metreon. We watched Hide and Seek, which wasn’t really, really scary, but was rather freaky and disturbing. And nakakagulat, as all half-way scary movies are. We then Bart’d back, had pizza (HUGE slices. Could feed me for a whole day!) and repeatedly attempted to tickle each other. Or, in my case, poke him in the side to surprise him. I’m just actually waaaay too lazy to update properly right now, as I’m about to go to sleep. But, once again, tonight was fun. Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow. And, as a side note, Stephen (not Stephen I just went to a movie with, but Stephen from the Netherlands) is my new online best friend. I ¦ him for listening to me bitch for a good chunk of my afternoon, or a good chunk of whatever time of the day it was over there.