I’m home! ^_^ Well Home being Oakland, not the Philippines. That means I get good food (though that starts when dad arrives tomorrow), my own bathroom, a brother to order around and poke etc, etc. But because home temporarily = Oakland, home also entails: pretty much empty house, internet that is very, very slow (and weird *cough* AOL *cough*) and the incredible silence that this house always sits in (why I’m always so sleepy when I’m here). Mom finished unpacking, so I’ve spotted a couple Christmas presents from various relatives, one is wrapped, the other two aren’t. Uncle Willy also sent me a book (I think he alternates books with clinique stuff) which I didn’t realize was a present until I had the box open. So Hah, I wasn’t purposely opening presents early. I’ve also got a couple more jackets, since parents + grandma seem to think I’m freezing to death here. Most of them are neat though. :] I’m wearing a gray one atm, that’s much like my black and white one, but all gray. And I am so stealing, er, borrowing, one of mum’s jackets. Though I don’t know where I’d wear it. It’s mink and it’s comfy and warm! And its a tad bit too small for her! Lol. Yes, I borrow my mom’s stuff. And she borrows my stuff. (She insists that I don’t use some of my coats, so as not to put them to waste, she uses them. I know she just likes them and wants to steal them when I’m not looking. XP kidding. But she really does borrow my stuff.) My laptop is at the dorm, and I’m using Mum’s computer. I feel like I’m missing part of my brain or something. I keep thinking, I want to check (whatever) or show mum something, but it’s on my laptop. -_- got my Poli Sci grade, a B. Bleh. That’s decent, I spose, for a paper I wrote that morning. Oh well.