Erm, I don’t know if I should really call her a hostee. But I spose she kinda is, I’m going to be hosting Namu soon. Soon being when things stop crapping up and work properly. The domain propagated fine, but her .htaccess isn’t working right, and neither is her index page. We’ll give it some time before I start actively looking for what’s wrong. Anyhow, I’m not sure if Namu really counts as a hostee because a. I offered and b. it’s a domain and c. she’s not one of those cluless newbies (haha, I you anyway, Feli) who I have to explain loads of stuff too. But she’s clueless in her own way. Mmm It’s Cheng’s birthday today, and she’s amazed that I remembered. I spose I should be hurt, but that isn’t a surprsing reaction, as I generally forget birthdays. I remember the day before and two days before, but not on the day itself. -_- Anyhoo, off I go to continue being a bum. I finished my math homework early, so I can semi-legitly be a bum, rather, i can be one and not feel bad about it (who’m I kidding, I never feel bad about it.)