Whee. Let’s see, so I woke up at ten, finally got moving and got outta the dorm at about noon. We plopped down to the computer center, where I asked them how I’m sposed to set up my internet connection so they told me that if my roommate has an internet connection, I can use hers to set mine up. So I was like, Thanks for telling me now, I’ve had internet all along anyway, I just wanted to set up my Berkeley connection. So Yi, Christina and I went of to Caltopia and got lots and lots of free stuff. :>> Like free stickers and a Adobe Demo CD and well, lots of fun stuff. :lalala: After Caltopia, Christina and I went on a mad search for the Cal Forensics meeting, which we did not find. So we ended up back in the room with Yi, as she attempted to get her computer fixed. Its still kicked of the Berkeley network and I keep telling her to just get a wireless card and do as I do. Haha, the evilness. We eventually scuttled off to dinner then to some sorta dance fake gambling thing set up by the ASUC. That was well, odd. Yi and Christina bullied me into dancing and well, people here are odd. Some guy was majorly grinding with Yi (she thinks he was WAY too horny :lalala and well, stuff like that. Dancing, or attempting to, with boys is odd. I am such a Catholic schoolgirl. Haha. So after I finally convinced Christina and Yi that we wanted to go somewhere not so hot and noisy, we walked to Christina’s friend’s brother’s apartment and bummed around there for a while. It was fun, though we all just kept insulting each other and making side comments. I supposedly don’t look half Filipino. And, as usual, I got the whole You have good english for someone from the Philippines Which I always think is hillarious. On our way to Reman’s (guy’s name) apartment, we walked by a couple frat houses and some random guy goes up to us and says, Have you met so-and-so? He’s a freshman Then proceeds to introduce himself and the other guy. So we say hi and prepare to walk off, then they asked us if we wanted to go party with them, odd people. Anyway, we were like, Well, we’re going to a friend’s apartment And some guy, who was prolly majorly drunk, goes, Can I come too? And Christina, very entertainingly, asks, You’re into guys? Then he said he had a car, and we could go there, and we all just looked at him kinda funny and he goes, That was a joke, you were supposed to laugh! And we’re like, Riiight. People here are funny. At any rate, Dad’s pickin me up tomorrow morning cos we’re going with Uncle Willy to visit Grandpa in the cemetary. Then I’m coming back here for an ASUC orientation then they’re picking me up agian and I’m sleeping at the house. Then I’m back here at 830, for another orientation. Oh, the funness of this all. Two days to the start of school. Must do all the stupid things now. Haha. Wonder what mom’ll say when she sees the laptop. (It’s covered in magazine cutouts and stickers I have a Nemo, part of an Ipod ad, sneakers, something Irisa drew, a sticker that says art of the ProChoice Majority, a neoprint of Erica and me, a plastic gun and lots of other fun stuff. I shall post a picture of it here one day) I just randomly remembered these Tshirts Christina and I got this morning (two for $3, haha). They’re white and say I Europeans. So when we got back from Caltopia and I was online, I was talking to Titch about planning and designing a new version of Soulofjustice and I mentioned the shirt to him and he goes, I’m european! and I was like, Yeah, I know, that’s why I’m telling you about it. It was pretty fun. :>> Or I’m just weird. Or both. That guy confuses me. Seriously. Though not in the way you probably think. It’s hard to explain and I’m not going to bother trying. Point is, its not because I like him in that way, since in all honesty, I barely know him, but because of other things. Haha, complicatedness. Speaking of internet relationships, I think its cool how Thrawn and Kari are. He’s visiting her this coming Friday. I think. Hope he works out his issues with her parents.