Keeping my word

As part of my New Years Resolution (or, rather, as my only one) I’m trying to blog daily. Har har. Catherine is trying to blog every few days, Z’ohki is trying to blog everyday (I’d love to exchange links, btw! ) Rayne (hi, I don’t think we’ve ever met [commented? lol] before, but hi!) wishes she could, but doesn’t have enough time. Anyone else interested? Today the four of us went shopping for random cold-weather clothing things and stuff. I got a hat! Er, beanie. And that’s it in the picture! We were in Sportmart for SO long. And they had a discount, like $25 off for every $100 you spend. Our cashier was also prize-winningly dumb. She didn’t understand the math of adding and subtracting. Urgh. We sorted it out eventually. Got home, cooked and ate dinner And here I am! Attempting to learn Canon in D on the guitar. Oh, and I must mention that I got the guitar I wanted from Costco for myself for Christmas. I used my turking money to pay for it.I’m moving hosts and transferring my domain soon, so if things go down for a couple days or anything, I didn’t die. I just uh Well, needed some space. A faster domain transfer, actually. ^^