I went to the kurohana meeting thingy today. I didn’t really plan on at first, since I don’t know anyone there and I’m not all that great at talking to people and making friends IRL. But I went anyway, mostly because it reminded me so much of Tespan, Alyssa, Jopie, Aurora and, most significantly, Pam. Pam, LO, Char. Playing seme-seme-uke (is that what it was called?) and all that. I suppose I went to kurohana hoping to find people of common interest. I’m not as into anime and such as, let’s say, Pam is, but I kinda miss it. Sure, I get more than enough anime here, but I really don’t think anyone would appreciate the yaoi side comments I used to be so used to making. I don’t say it enough, but I miss Char. I miss Pam. I miss Fatims. I miss Candy. enough of me missing people. It only makes me more miserable. So Katherine woke up at 930 this morning (well, at 8, but I went back to sleep then) and got home from the kurohana meeting at um. sometime past 10. This morning, as I was leaving Wheeler Aud (where I had MCB and Pol Sci) Jas said, I’ll see you later, whenever you get outta class6ish? I commented that classes ended at 630 and decal stuff at about 8. Then she said, Y’know, if you ever need it, I’m 18, I can get you a gun. And much laughter ensued. Jas is rather hillarious, when she’s not moody. At anyrate, I am off take a shower. I told myself I would go to sleep early (to make up for going to sleep at 5 last night and 6 the night before) so I should go shower. ^^;