Layouts and php-ing

This is driving me nuts. All I want to do right now is skin my site and do some coding. But I can’t till I finish making a new layout, and I just CAN’T seem to do that. I went through two scratch layouts yesterday, layouts that I would use if I didn’t have such a specific goal in mind DC++ is raping my computer. It’s insane. I’ve downloaded about one eleventh of how much I’ve uploaded (116 gigs) since I turned DC++ on yesterday. But I got more anime, and plan to get even more tonight, so that’s good. ^^ I’ve been sleeping unusually often. I woke up a little before noon yesterday (called Anthony) and went back to sleep for a little bit, stayed up till about five, went to sleep. Woke up at nine and stayed up till two thirty, went to sleep. And I woke up at about ten thirty today. David thinks my dizziness might be caused by me sleeping too much, but I don’t think so. I’m sleeping so much because I’m dizzy. It’s harder for me to type (thank god for the delete key) and it’s hard for me to cut things (Christmas card making) without fucking up. So I resort to sleeping. But even that is kind of strange. You know the feeling you get after you’ve spent the whole day in the water? When you’re sleeping you feel like your floating and moving around yeah? I’m getting that. And I haven’t been in a pool of water larger than a puddle (and even I’m not small enough to swim in that) since August or possibly even July. This whole dizzy-Katherine thing has David v. paranoid. But he’s always paranoid, so I shouldn’t be surprised. He got really annoyed last night about my not eating dinner (since I was asleep when all my friends went and still dizzy when I woke up) and sleeping too much. It’s amusing how paranoid and all he is. Silly Kuya. (I can poke fun at him all I want since I know he hates read blogs with a passion) Katherine has also made a couple Christmas cards, and left Taylor a note on his blog and an email asking for his address. He’s at the top of my list for people who have to get cards. After all, he is my beloved minion. I mean, what would I do without somebody to PERL my madlibs for me? Or php a whole chat community (which he still isn’t done with) or fix my CSS when I don’t remember what z-index does? XP Speaking of addys, I have to find the post-its that I wrote Tiff and Titch’s addys on. >_< So many things to do before Monday night (when mom gets here) But nothing I really want to do. I’m almost always bored I really just want to curl up and go to sleep But half the time, I can’t sleep (which makes sense, since I’m getting more than enough sleep). I want to fiddle with/poke at something. But there’s nothing to poke at. I’m going to have to wait until at least Tuesday before I get my iPod, and I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to open it as soon as I get it, or if I’ll have to wait till Christmas day rolls around. Like I said earlier, I want to poke at the code behind my blog, and, maybe the code b2evo runs on *shrugs* We’ll see. BUT I need to finish the layout before I can write/edit the html/php behind it. -_- Arrrrgh.