First thing this afternoon, I got a haircut. I’ve got about two inches of hair less and it’s blowdried all funny. I shall wash it out in a bit. I got home did some DW stuff and finally got around to burning myself some MDs. I’ve done about eight Most of which are stuff off of CDs (Hah) and a few of them are MP3s. I’m stopping after this one is done because Jonny wants to use the computers and eight MDs (plus all my old ones) should last me three days – right? All I need to do is find batteries. Or that rechargable. *can’t believe she might’ve lost it* I probably threw it out thinking it was one of those funky Titanium or Lithium ones. Those DO last way longer than normal batteries and one of them lasts much longer than the other (about double) I just don’t remember which. (Helpful, ne?)