Merry Christmas; I miss you.

Merry Christmas people. Maybe I’ll text people later today when it’s really Christmas, maybe I won’t. I don’t fancy spending ten cents on everyone in my phonebook. Well, I spose that’s all I can do. I’ll text then, if I remember to. I’m generally wishing I was back in school or in the Philippines. I’ve been with my parents since monday (mom) – tuesday (dad and mom) ish and I already want them to go home. Dad is either grumpy or lecturing me about something. Mom generally keeps telling me things I already know. Or she waves something at me and tells me to read it. So I read it. Then she sits there and starts reading it to me. At which point I tell her, Mom, I can read, and she looks at me funny. The only point in going home would be to see my friends, and I totally don’t get that now. Blah. Stop telling me to come home. It makes me even more miserable. I want to come home, but I obviously can’t. I’ve got friends here, but I feel like we’ve all forgotten each other in exchange for our friends back home. But I’ve missed out on that part of the deal, all I’ve got is my brother. (Yes, I miss the Philians, the Tespanistas, the Bers, the debaters and just about everyone who I was half-way close to in the Philippines.) I’m sitting here, half-convinced that everyone’s forgotten me. Then the other half of my brain kicks in and wonders what I expect people to do? I know that most probably, I’m being unreasonable and silly, but whatever. It’s possible. I miss you. Yes, YOU.