Mice and lizards

My house is being invaded!!!!111 Well, not quite. So the mice from the previous post have been caught, four of them anyway. They’re mildly cute and mildly horrendous and gross. They’re small, gray and very soft looking. But they have pointy noses and beady eyes. And god knows how dirty they are, thus gross. Times like this (and all the rest of my life, actually) I wish I had a snake. Like a big tame one that I can hug. And it’ll eat mice for me. Tee hee. Okay, so what I really do want is a ball python, but mom won’t let me get one, since I already have ete: and well, onto the next story I was walking through my living room yesterday, from the front hallway to the dining room (which is actually a TV room now) and, see, my living room has this medium thickness, very even beige carpet Its almost like walking on a big piece of soft felt – you can’t tell the hairs apart unless you stab at them with your finger. Anyway, I was walking along and I saw this little gray blob, I thought it might be an uber-small mouse, but as I looked closer I noticed it wasn’t, it was a lizard! I caught it in a bottle, brought it with me when I went to buy crickets for ete: this morning and the people at the pet store tole me its a blue bellied lizard. After much Googling, I’ve figured it out it eats bugs (ants and crickets will do), no veggies, likes warm temperatures (probably what it was doing in my house, its cold outside) but isn’t great at getting along with people. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep him yet. I feel pretty bad about letting him go, since he’s so small and he must’ve snuck in here because its warm and its all cold and rainy outside. :/ But on the other hand – I don’t know if I can afford crickets for two lizards. If anyone is feeling nice and wants to give me a christmas pressie/feed ete: *points toward her Paypal button* I spend $10.50 a week on his crickets, but anything helps. I’ll post pictures of the new lizard later.