More bleh.

Irisa: no you havent. he’s not as bouncy. although when he smiles everyone shrieks: KATH! me: kath = diaz? Irisa: no, kath you me: why would you shriek kath, me? Irisa: cause he looks like you, eversince he got braces me: he’s my bro, of course he looks like me Irisa: but he looks exactly like you when he gets happy, esp. now that he has braces me: O_o me: hair differences much. Irisa: diaz constantly goes: Smiiiiiiiiiiiiiile jonny! I miss loh! me: aww man. Irisa: see? you arent forgotten me: scary. me: tatsie + jonny = poor jonny! Irisa: nah, she doesnt attack him anymore Anyone remember what I used to convince Diaz to write me a letter thing for Dartmouth? Jonny in a box! Hahaha. What a nice sister I am.