More Skiing

I woke up this morning, and my back hurt. As I skiied more, my legs started to hurt a little, as does my left arm. The kind of ache you get after getting a shot. -_-;; I haven’t really ached for the last few days. It all caught up today though. We did a lot of downhill stuff. My insteps hurt a little, but they’re okay now. Dinner was awesome – lamb and grilled brie. Note that that followed wine and cheese. And an afternoon of loafing around and poking at things. My blog died somehow and I also fixed, my shared site with Angel. I have some things I need to post there, but I’m being a lazy bum atm. And I’m about to go to sleep. We’re leaving for Seattle tomorrow. Back to civilization and cellphone reception! (And I probably won’t post again till monday. I have no internet in Seattle. And I get back to the Bay Area late Sunday then am off to a friends party, which will probably end in the wee hours of Monday morning.)