New Years Resolution

Once again, I haven’t updated in a long time. -_-;; Summer break is pretty boring. I basically spend the day trying to sneak online and trying to read Hanakimi. More on that some other time, for now, its a cutesy manga. Christmas was okay, the coolest thing I got was a deck of black tiger cards (google it) from my brother. He also got me (but it arrived yesterday) a PHP book. I’m going to learn php! I will. I kind of wanted to learn Python, but in the end, I couldn’t decide. Anthony preferred PHP so we’re going with that. He’s way ahead of me though. Not totally unexpected, I guess. Tomorrow is New Year’s eve. We (parents + brother) are having dinner at Lulu’s. I’m looking at their online version of the New Years Eve menu and trying to decide on what I want Seared Sonoma Foie Gras or Wild Mushroom Pizzetti? Pear and Hazelnut Tart or Persimmon Custard Cake? I also have to figure out what to wear. Urrrgh. Anthony’s in China now. I miss him. I’m not going to see him again till school starts. He was online for a bit earlier, but I think he’s been disconnected. I can’t wait for school to startttt. And anthony’s back for a bit. So, I’ve come up with one New Years Resolution so far: To blog (almost) everyday. If anyone wants to join me on this, comment and I’ll make a little webring or something (I blog [almost] everyday!). It’ll be fun! My logic in doing this, I’ve got a blog, I’m paying for it, and its always fun to read back on old entries. Plus when I want to know when something happened, my blog is incredibly useful for doing so. Thus the resolution. ^^