One Day Down, Many to Go

Today wasn’t so bad. But I’m still horribly lazy. Woke up at 730, when my mother poked me to wakefullness. So I get my lazy arse outta bed, make and eat breakfast then proceed to throw everything I think I might need into a bag and Mom drops me off at school. MCB was okay, though the funny film he showed at the start of class was odd. PS 2 was okay too, though he has a funny accent. Come to think of it, what I wrote while sitting in class: Sitting in class now. I don’t know if it’s Wheeler Auditorium that doesn’t have wireless or if I’ve killed my wireless card again (I did that before, but I hope I haven’t again, since I have NO idea how I’m supposed to fix it. -_- MCB wasn’t too bad. Though I think I’m going to have issues with memorizing all that crap. I’m mad at that stuff, bleh. Poli Sci is starting now, but it’s being EEEVIL. Well, not really. I can barely understand the professor, since he talks funny. And we’re going to ahve a paper due about the electoral system of the US or somethingoranother, which may prove difficult since I’m clueless with that stuff. Bleah. and I’m getting hungry. It’s only 1120! I have to last till *thinks* later. WAAAY later. Argh. Lazy. Shower calls.