San Fran

Today was pretty fun, the first time I’ve taken the bus around San Fran. Finally got out of bed at about twelve (I seem to be becoming a normal teenager, sleeping loads.) though I woke up at 11 and poked at my computer some. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and such and Kelley, Jas, Olivia and I went and had breakfast at Crossroads. We took the F to the city (after missing the first bus) and I had to call the ortho to tell him I’d be late since I missed the bus. While we were on a bus, there were these black ladies who were talking about going to go do something to someone. I’m under the impression that some guy broke up with one of them. She was saying something about a Playstation and rolled a joint while she was on the bus. While we were going over the bridge, one of them started bitching about how the grass is always greener on the other side and such. It was sunny in the city and overcast in the East Bay. Apparently Kelley was looking at her kinda funny (basically trying not to laugh) so one of them turned to us and started joking with us about the other girl being thinking she’s a poet. It was actually pretty funny. We got to the city, Kelley read the map and told us which way to go. Haha, I’m absolutly incompetent with maps. So I got to the ortho, got my retainers and made an appointment for next year. Yeesh. Like I’m going to remember. -_- After I was done at the ortho, we took two buses and went to buy Jas’ cousin a Berkeley sweatshirt at some some store in Pier 39. On the way, I noticed the ickle signs saying 39c/lb for persimmons. Jas and I were pretty excited about that, though Kelley has never had a persimmon before. After Pier 39, we took one bus to Chinatown. Jas and I bought our persimmons and I bought some candy. It’s that jelly stuff that has rice paper around it. We had dinner at some dinky dimsum place. I miss proper, non-Crossroads chinese food. I kinda felt like I was in Hong Kong. Surrounded by all the Cantonese speaking people sloshing around in the puddles. I had to attempt to order the food since those two had no clue as to what was going on. Sadly the lady I was ordering from didn’t speak english or mandarin, so I was stuck pointing at things. While I can’t speak or understand mandarin fluently, I think I’d be able to understand prices and such. Oh well. In the end, it cost us thee bucks eighty cents for dinner for the three of us. I think I spent more money on persimmons and candy. We stopped by Macy’s for a bit since Jas wanted to go shopping but Kelley and I weren’t very enthusiastic, so we didn’t stay there long. BART’d home. The End. David just left, I fixed his pants. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and not been getting around to doing it. So that’s finally done. Whee.