Scaaaary! Kinda.

That was strange. So I’m sitting here, happily talking to Alicia and Anthony (who was horribly hyper. well, I haven’t talked to him in a while, so it might just have been me.) and Jonny suddenly goes, Hey Kath, is someone in the house? So I stand up and look over the stairs and TA-DA, there are three black teens standing in the front landing. Brilliant. One of them looks up (lovely for the police description) and I call the police. By the time the police get here, they’ve left. That settled it for my dad though. We’re moving once he finds a house he likes. He’s been talking about moving for ages, but it’s never happened. It also solidifies his idea that I should still live in the dorms next year. Yeah RIGHT. Unless I find a friend who wants to share a room with me, living in the dorms next year isn’t all that appealing. But well, my dad is being his usual horribly protective self. *shrugs* We’ll see. Yi and I have agreed that we’ll start looking for apartments and such when school starts again. If I find something nice enough (for my dad’s impossible standards), I hope I’ll be able to talk him into letting me live there, instead of in a dorm. Erah. I have no idea what happened to the formatting on my last entry. Perhaps I poked something on Vim and it got weird?