Tomorrow is my first day of school! Oh noes! :O

Classes start at eight – L&S 180B, Language and Power. I’m actually on the waitlist for it, first though, but the course description was really interesting So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that ONE PERSON will drop the class. That can’t be too hard to hope for, right? I’ll also have PE (taekwondo), Math 55 (Discrete Math, whatever that is) and CS61B (lab) tommorrow. Whee. I didn’t blog yesterday since there wasn’t much time, flew in, unpacked, had dinner at Silver Dragon and left for Kelly’s birthday party. It was fun. I have pictures, but I’m too lazy to upload at the moment. Everything looks yellow tinged though, since I have masking tape over my flash. Without the tape, we’re all too pasty looking when the flash fires. I’m excited for class to start! I really am. I’m a loser, yes. But I can’t help it. I’m interested in all my classes this sem (well, I think I am anyway) except math 55. Even then, ‘discrete math’ makes me curious. But I’m pretty scared of it, being not much of a math whiz. Maybe it’ll be something I really like in some odd way, like geometry. Maybe. I can hope!