I’ll probably post this later tonight or tomorrow or maybe even on Sunday, depends when I get myself on the internet. Today was really fun, Yi, Drea and I went to the mall and (obviously) bought stuff. We started out in BCBG, where Yi wanted to put something on hold and never went back for it since she decided that she had already spent too much money. Then we went over to the Bebe outlet, where I found a pretty poofy jacket that made me look like a marshmallow, though I ended up not getting it and getting a similar jacket somewhere else for half the price. I’m kuripot. Haha. Mom told me to buy jeans, so I looked. I ended up only buying one pair, though I’ve discovered that with some brands I don’t even fit into a size zero. Hahaha I’m a size fourteen, KIDS. :lalala: Though in general, I’m a sixteen kids, which is halfway normal, unless it’s Limited Too because their sizes are stupid. A fourteen is icky, since I don’t wear fitted pants, and the sixteen is huge. Demmit. So I end up with one pair of jeans from Gap kids, nice jeans that have glitter on them. >_> I thought the glitter was pretty odd, but the jeans are comfy and I figure that some of the glitter will wash out and it’s not too obvious. After a while, Drea and I lost Yi, since we took too long in one store. So we were walking along and approaching Coldstone. I figured that I’d call Yi and see if she wanted to get some ice cream I see the line, and guess who’s the last person in line? Yi. Predictably, we both kept laughing about this. Typical us. We also saw a t-shirt at Forever 21 that read, on’t Tease. I Bite. Drea thought I should get it, thought Yi didn’t really get the whole joke. Not surprising, since I’ve stopped biting. I remember biting Tim once cos he had something and wouldn’t let go of it (possibly my tessen or his camera, or whatever it was) and he said, You don’t want to bite that, you don’t know where my hands have been. Which was icky. Lol. I’ve never been much of a shopper, since I get bored, impatient, or tired being dragged around by whoever I’m with, but today was fun anyway. Though I’m totally out of money and shall have to ask my mother for more. She did say she’d pay for my clothes, since she knows that I wouldn’t buy anything otherwise. I’d much rather spend the money on comics or books dorkness. We picked up Drea at Santa Clara, and saw her room. God, the hugeness. She has a sink in her room. Stupidness Berkeley needs bigger rooms. Poo. Just thought I’d write about this, just because I feel like typing as always. So I was in a rather nasty mood, thanks to two not so fun boys. The first one was annoying the hell out of me online, being, horribly stupid and possesive. I mean geez, I I don’t wanna refer to him as my dear, get over it. I barely even know the guy and heck – I don’t know if he thinks I like him or something, but there’s no way in hell I’m calling him that. I pointed out the fact that I only call a couple people dear, like Tatsie, Glenn, Jonny, Char, Taylor Tiff. If I’m sleepy enough, happy enough or erm, hyper enough, I just randomly start calling people that, but it’s not like I’m depriving him of anything by not calling him that. Labo. Argh. Annoying. The second guy waltzes into our room, drags me off my bed and chair, takes my headphones (to hear what music I was listening to and saying it’s junk) then makes fun of me to no end because I had a box of pantyliners on my bed. After refusing to hug him, telling him to go away and crawling under my blanket and just hiding there, Yi got mad at him and he left. Thank god for Yi. I eventually got more normal (haha) after talking to Char and playing Gunbound with Daniel some. Char said she’d call me, and even asked her grandmother but there’s something about the line not being able to dial long distance the long and the short of the story is that she’s going to have to wait for her dad to get back from Canada to teach her how to get around that limitation. Then she’ll call me. Haha. I ¦ Char. (Yeah, I’m hinting, people, call me, wake me up – I don’t care. {from the philippines: 001-510-333-5251}) Then Daniel convinced me to play Gunbound, so I played some though I’m horrible at that game. I think I’m generally pretty shitty with games that involve any sort of strategy. That includes RO. My general cycle of playing games: I start out, like the game, get totally obsessed, get nowhere, keep playing, eventually get distracted by something else Yeah. Haha. The only thing that has lasted through that cycle is DW, and that’s shutting down next week, so blah. The Gunbound music drives me nuts. I really have to figure out how to turn it off. Or ask Daniel when I see him online next. That would be a good idea. That and finally ordering my RAM. //added later~ I just watched the video Tina made again. Tali was SO much fun, dammnit. I don’t know if they’re pushing through, but Tita Mel was talking about going to Baguio over Christmas Break I won’t be there, but what the hell, that would have been fun. Good thing I didn’t have this video last night, I would have probably started crying. -_-‘ Ken just called, to give me directions about where we’re sposed to meet for {m} tomorrow Then Adrian called, says he’s not going to the SOMAfest, but he’s going to Kristina’s. Haha, I’m looking forward to this and having a hard time deciding what to wear since it might be not so warm in the city And trying to figure out which cameras I want to bring Haha. These are the things I really think about. :crazy: I was just talking to my mom apparently my dad thinks ipay is spelled Pie *lmao* Poor girl, I’m gonna tell her about this the next time I see her online I hate it when I message someone, walk off, and come back to a message from them and an away message It annoys me to no end.