Slllllooooowwww (now say that slowly)

Ahhh. I’m going into internet-withdrawal. The slowness of AOL dial-up is annoying me already, and I’ve only had to put up with it for TWO days. I have no idea how I’m going to survive the rest of break. Hopefully I’ll get around to installing some spiffy programs to play with and that’ll keep me busy. or designing/coding ze new layout and the new {m} layout. I should really get around to doing those two, instead of TRYING to go about everyday life on the internet on this crap connection. Today was mainly spent shopping. Dad decided to go to Gilroy (and not to Milpitas, much to Jonny and my dismay, since there’s less to do there) and we basically spent the whole afternoon there. I’m currently ing my phone, since it provides great amusement while my brother is trying on a bazillion different pairs of shoes. Jonny, for the record, is the most boring person to shop with, well, with the exception of my dad. He doesn’t talk a whole lot, and most of the shopping-time is spent with me talking or trying to get him to say something halfway interesting. At any rate, now I know a.) who he likes (which I knew before, but he didn’t know I knew) b.) why he’s not asking her to the prom c.) other stuff. Hahahahha. We then drove up to San Jose to eat dinner at Original Joe’s, my dad is obsessed with the place. BUT they had a one and a half hour wait, so we didn’t eat there. Instead, Dad drove back to the city (by this point, I was v. hungry. Though it didn’t really matter since I was asleep) and we ate at Lulu’s. Haven’t eaten there in ages. Loads of food. As always, Dad always over orders, without fail. 33 frito misto. Now my mother insists that it’s late and that I must go to sleep. Isn’t she supposed to be JETLAGGED? I mean, c’mon, my sleeping sched is more messed up than her’s and I LIVE in this timezone, she flew in from halfway around the world. -_- Blah, off to bed. Goodbye, slow internet. It’s probably better that I don’t sit here, I can’t be frustrated about the slowness while I’m asleep or distracted by whatever I happen to be reading.