Oriana is going home for spring break! ^_^ She’s happy about it, though pissed off at the reasons. Basically, my dad isn’t giving me a choice anymore because he’s convinced I’m going to spend those eleven days getting drunk outta my mind. Or stoned, or otherwise doing things I shouldn’t be doing. Geezus. He has so much faith in me. Then again, both my parents do. The last couple days have been fairly uneventful, though I’ve been obsessed with loading music onto my iPod. I’m at 13.11 gigs. Which means I’ve got about another ten to go. -_-;; But I my iPod. I’m not bringing my external with me to Vegas, so whatever’s on my iPod is all the music I’ll have for the next four days. Then again, I currently have enough music to last me eight days straight. My iPod’s battery will need charging by then. XP Anyhoo, I must get off the internet before my dad realizes I’m on. I want break to be over. I wanna go back to school. Or home. -_-