Thanks giving without the turkey!

Hahaha, I have not updated in AGES. So yesterday was Thanksgiving and I had tons of food. No turkey, but tons of food nonetheless. At five, dad fried oysters. Then we had artichoke. And veal. And yams. Then we dropped by the Chee’s house where they had tons of dessert. Jaci’s working on all her college apps. poor girl. -_- Then we got home, I was on the internet, talking to a bunch of people and dad starts cooking. Again. Note, it’s about 11 by then. So we had cornish hen. Really good, but I was stuffed. Keith also MSN’d me, apparently Taylor is back from Florida.. But I’m guessing his mom is home, so I absolutely refuse to call. Haha. Yes, I am absolutely terrified of her. Actually, it’s not so much her, it’s more the idea of her figuring out who/what I am. I mean, geez, as far as she knows, I’m Sierra. *lol* .and, I am too lazy to write a whole long, proper update.