The Joys of Procrastinating

I procrastinate altogether too much. Then I end up having to do loads of things in short spans of time. Now, for example. I have a math quiz tomorrow, CS homework due and I’m supposed to get a new layout up for {m}.org up by 630 tomorrow night. Math, well, I’m hoping it won’t be too bad, I finished the longer part of the CS, and the {m} layout well, worst comes to worst, I can get lazy and base a new layout on a b2evo or wordpress or some other blogging prog skin. And because I am sleepy, I am going to sleep soon. As soon as I finish a little more CS. I shall wake up nice and early tomorrow, spend all my time in MCB studying for math or possibly sleeping or otherwise not doing anything related to MCB. Maybe I’ll finish the {m} layout then. We’ll see. At anyrate, off to do more work I go Doo dee doo~