Nicked of some random girl’s LJ~ 20 years ago I 1) was not born 2) 3) 15 years ago I 1) was probably getting over jealously at having a baby brother 2) was probably running around, driving my mom nuts 3) was a cute kid with short hair 10 years ago I 1) was at Bentely (spelling?) 2) knew that Mum and Dad were considering moving 3) was pretending that we were aliens from another planet 5 years ago I 1) was in seventh grade 2) was classmates with Char and Candy. Tespan was formed. 3) was obsessed with Pokemon and other anime bits 4 years ago I 1) was a D’er. Classmates with Drea, Prit and Eris 2) started debating 3) was part of that little group Pam dubbed the Bench. 3 years ago I 1) used to sit on the sidewalk and talk to Pam 2) started debating halfway seriously, brainwashed Tatsie 3) went to Canada 2 years ago I 1) got into this stupid, annoying fight that wasn’t really a fight with someone. Damnit. 2) ebated a load. Tried out for WSDC. Didn’t make it. 3) SDC. Nuf said. 1 year ago I 1) was applying to colleges 2) skipped WSDC tryouts. Got annoyed during IISDC. 3) decided Math wasn’t so bad So far this year I 1) have started college 2) moved away from my parents 3) had a six month summer break Yesterday I 1) had no class 2) went to the city 3) went to sleep at four Today I 1) ate a sandwich 2) fixed the hole in Kelley’s comforter 3) started working on another layout Tomorrow I 1) will start doing homework. Maybe. 2) spend lots of time on the internet 3) talk to Taylor. Haha. I sound obsessed.