Two Days Short of Two Years

Somehow I haven’t been needing to update as much recently. My life is boring. It wouldn’t be boring if I was in Manila. (Or I think it wouldn’t be.) So, in the last hour, I’ve installed b2evo twice – once for Namu and once for Feli. Feli wants a tagboard too, and that involves a mysql db, so I guess I’ll do it for her. But that’ll get done some time later. I have stuff I have to fix on my own site like the content pages and the new skin. Which is sposed to be up by Feb 14. Guess why. Hah. I probably won’t finish it in time though, since my mother is being evil and dragging me out tomorrow. I made choco chip cookies earlier, following this bizzare recipe Mum found in a magazine. They turned out better than I thought they would I mean who puts Grapenuts in cookies? But it works, so i’m keeping the recipe. Yesterday I reformatted. For no good reason, other than that I’ve been meaning to do so (again, for no good reason). So far I haven’t thought of anything that I forgot to back up But I am sorely missing Photoshop (my fault, as I have the CD sitting on the table next to my laptop) and Excel (I um. don’t know where I put the CD of that >_&lt . I also haven’t reinstalled AIM (just because I don’t like the program) and YM (because the installer requires that I be online. and AOL is sucky-ly slow.) I do have MSN, however All the important people I talk to, except two, have MSN. Oh, and my floormates, but since I’m at home, I don’t really need to ask them if they’re going to dinner yet. I’ve installed Litestep though, which is nice. I was confusing myself without it. Like I’d hit win+z before opening another program ( that switches virtual desktops) or I’d right-click instead of hitting the start button. stuff like that. Thursday was I Love You NOT! the {m} open mic. My laptop was sacrificed and turned into a background. I set my wallpaper as something that should be a new layout here pretty soon Anyhow, we used the projector we’d used during the decal and ta-da – background. Except whenever my computer would go to sleep (ten mins, if I didn’t move the mouse around) the projecty-bit would go all blue. People are amazing. Darlene, who was in my math class last sem, did this poem-ish thing which was well, really good (or I thought so, at least). Lenny sang his song and I think we’re going to abduct him to do music stuff. Cass (who was in my Sociology class last sem) read something I’ve read online before (he told everyone he didn’t write it) and people loved it. Oh, and has a new layout! Not as girly and eyesore-ishly colorful. Totally lacking color, actually. OMG. Okay, I’m talking to Namu and Namu: What’s your last name? O.o Me: loh. why, did it show up somewhere? Namu: Nah Me: Were you just curious? Namu: I’m confused right now Do you have a friend named katherine? This turned out to be why: Hi!This is Katherine Diaz, a friend of Loh’s/Oriana’s/Yuriko’s *the girl has way too many names* from the Philippines. Since Valentine’s is tomorrow, could you please greet her from Philia, and tell her we miss her? She’ll know what it means. ^^ Tell your mutual friends too, please. It’s surprisingly hard to find people we can ask directly. -_- Thanks a million! ^^ Tatsie is AMAZING. I her. Even though she’s confused and didn’t realize that I don’t know Namu irl. Or maybe she did know, I wouldn’t put it past her. It’s the twelfth today, my time, it’s the thirteenth in the Philippines. So 529 days ago, Tatsie and I started our little relationship. (Valentines day, two years ago just in case I did my math wrong.) Yes, laugh at me, I remember these things. We (Philia) were on the floor, at the back of A (which was the History IW thing) taking about who people liked. When it got to me, I probably gave my usual response of not liking anyone in that way, and someone (Prit, I think) concluded that I didn’t like guys because I liked Tatsie. That’s why they’re always together! After IW, Char and I were downstairs and Claudine, I think, was selling roses (why you’d sell roses in an all-girls school is beyond me) so I got Tatsie one for the heck of it. Thirty pesos outta my life savings, I hope she appreciated it. I wish I still had the ICQ logs of the conversations I had with people afterward. Especially Drea’s, Wait, do you seriously like her? (Or something along those lines) But yes, Ori/Kloh/Katherine s Tatsie. Whether I in that way is up to you to decide.