Updated b2evo

Sorry for the funkyness yesterday. I updated b2evolution and didn’t realize that I didn’t finish updating all the way. I updated the files or something, I guess, but it didn’t update the DBs and I had to do that myself. So I do that and it keeps telling me that there’s a problem with evo_blog.blog_stub, I had no idea what that meant, so I ended up digging around with phpMyAdmin and Finally figuring out how to delete the old preset blogs. So those are gone, but a couple new problems have popped up. For one, faerylanding.net/blog doesn’t seem to lead here. Second, I’m getting this skin with a shitload of broken images. At first I thought b2evo overwrote my skins, but I SSH’d in and it looks like everything’s still there. So I have no idea what’s up with that. >_> I’ll try to fix that, but if I can’t, sorry! The admin interface of this thing is cool. Hahaha.