What I do when I’m bored

So I got kinda bored last night. Well, I didn’t feel like studying, nor did I feel like working on a layout or anything that involved more than a sixteenth of my brain. I ended up doing two things: First, I recolored a Litestep theme, so now it matches my wallpaper (which I got off customize.org and Photoshop’d so it wouldn’t be blue). I shall post a screenshot when I’m back at school. Second, I searched people’s names in that little search thingy on the left of this blog. I searched people that I talk to a lot and used to talk to a lot. Here are the results; Char: 61 (woah) Taylor: 57 (not surprising) Tatsie: 44 (her fault for never being online) Titch: 29 + 2 (where I mentioned him as Steven Tiff 19 + 12 (as Kali) Pam: 17 Stephen: 15 Anthony: 15 (Which isn’t much at all, since that’s split between three diff anthonys) Namu: 4 (there are probably more as Andri, but I didn’t feel like checking. Counting may not be accurate. I was just scrolling and picking out the entry titles, since they’re in bold. Also, if yer not on this list, it just means your name didn’t pop into my head while I was writing this. Generally, these are people I talk to online a lot or people I know I blog about a lot *coughs*Tatsie*coughs*.