Written Last Night

It’s 1040pm. I just got back from having dinner with Jas, Yi, Jojo, Erika and Simon. We ate at Plern, the Thai place on University. The food was pretty good, a welcome break from the food at Crossroads. The Big Game was also today. We kicked Stanford’s ass. 41-6. Bwahahaha. The Stanford mascot annoys me like anything though, it’s this annoying floppy tree that dances around. For a while Jas’ away message read: When we say ‘Go Bears!’ What does Stanford say? ‘Go trees?’ A lot of the cheers were also absolutly insane. ^^;; Dad’s here. So far he’s only given me two lectures. That’s a pretty good record, so far. Though that might be because I just keep talking and talking and talking. I know that works, because it’s what I used to do at home, but it’s easier now since I don’t have to make up or remember as much stuff – there are a million and one things I can tell him since I haven’t seen him for so long. A certain person is starting to tick me off majorly. For convinience’s sake, I will call this person xxx. So I’m happily online and xxx IMs me, asking if I want to eat dinner. I tell them that I’ve eaten. xxx wants me to go with them anyway. Like I’m there to walk them around the damned school. It’s half-past midnight and xxx wants to go to the Den to buy food. I tell them I’m doing something and will go when I’m done. Five minutes, I say. Five minutes pass and I tell them I’m ready to go. xxx says they’re writing an email. So I think to myself, Fine. An email, this shouldn’t take too long. Half an hour later, still no signs of xxx being done. So I tell them that I’m going to do homework and not going. To this, xxx quickly replies, saying they’re ready. I say no. I end up getting something like five IMs, over more than one program basically saying, Katherine? We’re going now okay? I’ll meet you downstairs. Like I said yes. At this point, I had flopped over onto my bed and started doing homework. More than once in the last few days, I told xxx that I just got back from playing poker. So xxx wants to play too. Hints a whole load that they would like to play also. I don’t take the bait. Finally, xxx asks straight out and I tell them that we’re a fairly small group of friends and such. xxx wants to be thick and dense and says it’s alright. So we finally play once in the study lounge and we invite them to join. That works out. First game. After that, during the second game, I mention inviting xxx to one of the regular poker players. Y’know what he says? He’d rather not play with anyone he doens’t know. I have a pretty good feeling that the rest of them felt that way too, they just didn’t wanna say anything to me. The list goes on. My basic complaint is that xxx seems to think I’m there to fill in all the boring parts of their day. Let’s get this straight: I am not here to walk you back and forth from the Den whenever you feel like it, no matter how much you beg. Second, I have friends, we party, play cards and go to football games when we want to. You have NO right to bug me about who I hang out with and what I do. I do what I want, when I want with whom I want. That’s it for the bitching. Haha. Let’s see, what’s happened lately? Thursday night we played poker in the fourth floor study lounge. That was pretty fun, though I ended up waking up at eleven and crawling out of bed at 12 on Friday. I quote one of our lovely racist jokes: (Little mexico + simon make the most racist jokes I have ever heard) Ricardo: Why are the blacks [poker chips] worth so much? Simon: Well blacks are useful if you can make them work hard. *laughs* Ricardo: That’s like saying a pig is useful if it can fly. *Ricardo and I laugh, no one else got it* Speaking of racist jokes. Simon: [insert something gramatically incorrect here] Me: [Insert correction here] *Simon turns around to face me* Simon: Who’s the American? Vincent: Gimme iStache! Me: No way! Vincent: You think I’m going to take him? Just because I’m Mexican? Anyhow, Ricardo ended up winning, with Kelley second and Simon third. I was fourth, since I made a really stupid bet with Simon. Simon: Katherine’s like that too. She plays really conservative most of the time then she suddenly goes nuts and starts betting like crazy. Me: I get bored. Earlier Thursday, I get back from my class and go online: Simon: I have a surprise for you. Me: What? Simon: Where are you? Me: In my room? then Simon shows up with a pack of GUMMY DINOSAURS. They are the coolest. (that night, while playing poker) Simon: Well, I saw them. sugar and dinosaurs. I knew Katherine would love them. I spent most of Friday being a bum. Then we attempted to go the bonfire, but ended up not going since the line was too long and waiting didn’t appeal to us lazy people. We had dinner at Crossroads, walked back to the dorm and they decided they wanted to drink. So Simon, Vincent and I went to Beverly Cleary and someone who was old enough bought them beer. I wasn’t drinking, since my dad was picking me up in three hours. They drank, I played cards with Simon, Vincent and Olivia. First Simon and I played Gin. Then Simon, Vincent and I played Bullshit. Then Simon, Vincent, Olivia and I played Mao. That is a bizzare game. Seriously weird. Then Dad and Uncle Simon picked me up. Tada. & Jonny sent me guitar tabs. Hahaha. Coolness. ^^ Oh, Thursday night, I get hungry at around midnight-ish. So I run downstairs to get popcorn from my room and I check AIM and Jonathan messaged me. jon (1:03:55 AM): dun dun dun! Auto response from fake muggle (1:03:55 AM): I have spaced out. jon (1:04:07 AM): you are now my Official Face Book Friend jon (1:04:08 AM): =) fake muggle (1:04:59 AM): off playing *cough*poker*cough* jon (1:05:02 AM): AIHAH! NOT IDLE jon (1:05:07 AM): lol you WERE?! jon (1:05:15 AM): AH HAH* fake muggle (1:05:30 AM): fake muggle (1:05:32 AM): poker-ing. jon (1:05:36 AM): man jon (1:05:46 AM): you should have read what i put in your face book wall jon (1:05:49 AM): how did i know fake muggle (1:05:49 AM): haha fake muggle (1:06:00 AM): okay, gotta run. poker game still going. fake muggle (1:06:45 AM): I read it. fake muggle (1:06:47 AM): Lol. fake muggle (1:06:55 AM): cya~ jon (1:07:13 AM): lol jon (1:07:19 AM): bye poker addict =P =) oops. Okay, it was around one-ish. Whatever. Um fake muggle is me, quite obviously. Jon isn’t his whole screenname, I just took off the rest of it since he might be one of those privacy people who doesn’t like having their sns posted online. That whole thing is funny because Jonathan is the one who taught me how to play poker. read my entries from maybe a month or so ago. Anyhow, I’m going to go put pajamas/sleeping clothes on and go to sleep. Must wake up nice and early tomorrow to slave over my rhetoric essay. ^^;; How FUN. Got sidetracked, looking through AIM logs. The person I talk to most, by far is David. Second is either Kelley or Simon. On MSN, it’s probably Anthony (Sheets, not Drillon or Lin. I’ve never IMd Drillon and Lin is on AIM). On YM, it’s Drea. Speaking of talking to people. I’m blubbing around in bed Friday afternoon right, when my phone rings with this number I don’t recognize. It’s Taylor, using his Mom’s phone since he was taking a school trip to Florida and she lent him her phone. That was pretty neat. I don’t know if GA will ever be finished, since we’re both so busy. I still don’t see him online regularly and I don’t call regularly anymore since he’s been really busy with school. Nevertheless, it was nice of him to call for a bit, even though he couldn’t talk for long since he was using up his mom’s minutes.