More Skiing

I woke up this morning, and my back hurt. As I skiied more, my legs started to hurt a little, as does my left arm. The kind of ache you get after getting a shot. -_-;; I haven’t really ached for the last few days. It all caught up today though. We did a lot of downhill stuff. My insteps hurt a little, but they’re okay now. Dinner was awesome – lamb and grilled brie. Note that that followed wine and cheese. And an afternoon of loafing around and poking at things. My blog died somehow and I also fixed, my shared site with Angel. I have some things I need to post there, but I’m being a lazy bum atm. And I’m about to go to sleep. We’re leaving for Seattle tomorrow. Back to civilization and cellphone reception! (And I probably won’t post again till monday. I have no internet in Seattle. And I get back to the Bay Area late Sunday then am off to a friends party, which will probably end in the wee hours of Monday morning.)


I think I posted a picture with that hat on several days ago, well there it is in action! :O Today we aren’t skiing, we’ve been packing and are leaving in about an hour. I’m off to get more stuff to pack from my mom in a sec.

We get back to Seattle later tonight and are spending two nights there before we return to the Bay Area. Some market thing there (seattle) that we went to last time (I forgot what it was called) had lots of neat stuff, including a pretty pretty fairy princess hairtie that I got for my cousin. Except I’m thinking of keeping it now. But where in the heck will I wear a bright blue hair tie with ribbons, strips of soft tulle and rhinestones hanging off it and halfway down my back? Its neat, but I’m a tad bit too old to get away with it. Well, maybe not!


Tomorrow is my first day of school! Oh noes! :O

Classes start at eight – L&S 180B, Language and Power. I’m actually on the waitlist for it, first though, but the course description was really interesting So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that ONE PERSON will drop the class. That can’t be too hard to hope for, right? I’ll also have PE (taekwondo), Math 55 (Discrete Math, whatever that is) and CS61B (lab) tommorrow. Whee. I didn’t blog yesterday since there wasn’t much time, flew in, unpacked, had dinner at Silver Dragon and left for Kelly’s birthday party. It was fun. I have pictures, but I’m too lazy to upload at the moment. Everything looks yellow tinged though, since I have masking tape over my flash. Without the tape, we’re all too pasty looking when the flash fires. I’m excited for class to start! I really am. I’m a loser, yes. But I can’t help it. I’m interested in all my classes this sem (well, I think I am anyway) except math 55. Even then, ‘discrete math’ makes me curious. But I’m pretty scared of it, being not much of a math whiz. Maybe it’ll be something I really like in some odd way, like geometry. Maybe. I can hope!