The Joys of Procrastinating

I procrastinate altogether too much. Then I end up having to do loads of things in short spans of time. Now, for example. I have a math quiz tomorrow, CS homework due and I’m supposed to get a new layout up for {m}.org up by 630 tomorrow night. Math, well, I’m hoping it won’t be too bad, I finished the longer part of the CS, and the {m} layout well, worst comes to worst, I can get lazy and base a new layout on a b2evo or wordpress or some other blogging prog skin. And because I am sleepy, I am going to sleep soon. As soon as I finish a little more CS. I shall wake up nice and early tomorrow, spend all my time in MCB studying for math or possibly sleeping or otherwise not doing anything related to MCB. Maybe I’ll finish the {m} layout then. We’ll see. At anyrate, off to do more work I go Doo dee doo~

New toy

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks to a certain person I am never going to do anything productive again. Penguins kickass. And I dreamt about one night before yester-night (er?). Like, a huge king penguin lived across the street from me. Think Kaoru but HUGE. Oh well. Freakyness.

More bleh.

Irisa: no you havent. he’s not as bouncy. although when he smiles everyone shrieks: KATH! me: kath = diaz? Irisa: no, kath you me: why would you shriek kath, me? Irisa: cause he looks like you, eversince he got braces me: he’s my bro, of course he looks like me Irisa: but he looks exactly like you when he gets happy, esp. now that he has braces me: O_o me: hair differences much. Irisa: diaz constantly goes: Smiiiiiiiiiiiiiile jonny! I miss loh! me: aww man. Irisa: see? you arent forgotten me: scary. me: tatsie + jonny = poor jonny! Irisa: nah, she doesnt attack him anymore Anyone remember what I used to convince Diaz to write me a letter thing for Dartmouth? Jonny in a box! Hahaha. What a nice sister I am.

What I do when I’m bored

So I got kinda bored last night. Well, I didn’t feel like studying, nor did I feel like working on a layout or anything that involved more than a sixteenth of my brain. I ended up doing two things: First, I recolored a Litestep theme, so now it matches my wallpaper (which I got off and Photoshop’d so it wouldn’t be blue). I shall post a screenshot when I’m back at school. Second, I searched people’s names in that little search thingy on the left of this blog. I searched people that I talk to a lot and used to talk to a lot. Here are the results; Char: 61 (woah) Taylor: 57 (not surprising) Tatsie: 44 (her fault for never being online) Titch: 29 + 2 (where I mentioned him as Steven Tiff 19 + 12 (as Kali) Pam: 17 Stephen: 15 Anthony: 15 (Which isn’t much at all, since that’s split between three diff anthonys) Namu: 4 (there are probably more as Andri, but I didn’t feel like checking. Counting may not be accurate. I was just scrolling and picking out the entry titles, since they’re in bold. Also, if yer not on this list, it just means your name didn’t pop into my head while I was writing this. Generally, these are people I talk to online a lot or people I know I blog about a lot *coughs*Tatsie*coughs*.

Oh man. Eto nanaman.

I feel like an outsider looking in. It’s like I don’t fit in anymore, or something. I’m always just the observer now. ~someone who locked the LJ entry, so I don’t know if she’ll mind. I commented, telling her that I feel the same way, and have for a long time. Whether I’m here or in Manila. It sucks, but other than bitching about it a load, I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I think that I’m shy, or that I must suck at making friends, that I’m not interesting enough for people or maybe I’m just too weird for most That I’m too selfish and self-centered, that I’m too talkative, too hyper, too annoying. I’ll shut up now. I’m not sure if I’m still making sense or if I ever did.


I have half a mind to bitch about the world to Stephen right now. Bleh. But I’m sure he can’t enjoy listening to me whine, so I won’t. Or I’ll try not to, anyway. Funny how the people I talk to about these things are people I only know online. I’ve blogged about this. But it’s something that puzzles me to no end. Funny coincidence with the names too, Stephen and Steven. Haha. Anyhow, I have spent altogether too much time today online, chatting with different people and spent almost two hours on the phone with Namu. My neck hurt after that. Silly katherine can’t find her headset, so she couldn’t avoid the neck soreness and keep typing. We’ve also not figured out why the hotlinking is fscked, as it shouldn’t be (yes, you can hotlink off me. Please don’t do with with anything but my banner, as I’ll fix this soon). And and, I don’t remember. Oh, yes, we were poking fun at people’s layouts (shhhh), well, so you don’t all go pick on Namu, it was mostly me poking fun at people (I had my reasons) and her laughing at me. And I was on the DC hub for a while, talking about more random things, like lobster fetishes and rocking chairs. And Spongebob. Basta, random stuff. And, lastly, I have also decided that class from 930 to 630 nonstop ain’t that bad, though 3 hours of history tomorrow might be. And I ended up doing it anyway. I ¦ Stephen for putting up with me when all I do is complain.

Meantime Girl?

Maybe it’s all in my head, but I feel like this pretty often; (stolen off Tat’s LJ. I stole it because I have several blog entries [which are in a place no one but me can see] that follow a similar train of thought What’s a Meantime Girl? Liza Andrews She’s the one you call when you’re bored because she makes you laugh. She’s the one you talk to when you’re feeling down because she’s willing to lend an ear and be a friend. She’s not the one you call when you need a date to your company’s Christmas party, or to go dancing with on a Saturday night. She’s the one you spend time with between girlfriends, before you find The One.You know, she’s the one who you keep around in the meantime. She’s not one of the guys, not a tomboy, but you don’t look at her as a real woman, either. She’s not bitchy enough, moody enough, or sexy enough to be seen in that light. She’s too laid-back, too easily amused by the same things your male buddies are amused by. She’s too understanding, too comfortable – she doesn’t make you feel nervous or excited the way a real woman does. But she’s cool , and nice, and funny, and attractive enough that when you’re lonely or horny and need intimate female companionship, she’ll do just fine. You don’t have to wine and dine her because she knows the real you already, and you don’t have any facades to keep up, no pretenses to preserve. You’re not trying to get anything of substance out of her. She’s not easy, but you know that she cares about you and is attracted to you, and that she’ll give you the intimacy you need. And you know you don’t have to explain yourself or the situation, that she’ll be able to cope with the fact that this isn’t the beginning of a relationship or that there’s any possibility that you have any real romantic feelings for her.It won’t bother her that you’ll get up in the morning, put on your pants, say goodbye, and go on a date with the woman you’ve been mooning over for weeks who finally agreed to go out with you. She’ll settle for a goodbye hug and a promise to call her and tell her how the date went. She’s just so cool . . . why can’t all women be like that?! But deep down, if you really think about it (which you probably don’t because to you, the situation between the two of you isn’t important enough to merit any real thought), you know that it’s really not fair. You know that although she would never say it, it hurts her to know that despite all her good points and all the fun you two have, you don’t think she’s good enough to spend any real time with. Sure, it’s mostly her fault, because she doesn’t have to give in to your needs – she could play the hard-to-get bitch like the rest of them do, if she really wanted to. But you and she both know that she probably couldn’t pull it off. Maybe she’s too short, or a little overweight, or has a big birthmark on her forehead, or works at a factory. Whatever the reason, somehow life has given her a lot of really great qualities but has left out the ones that men want (or think they want) in a woman. So she remains forever the funny friend, the steadfast companion, the secret lover, and you go on searching for your goddess who will somehow be everything you ever wanted in a woman. She doesn’t captivate you with her beauty, or open doors with her smile. Mainly she blends in with the crowd. She’s safe. She doesn’t want to be the center of attention and turn the heads of everyone in the room. But she wants to turn someone’s head. She wants to be special to someone, too. We all do. She has feelings. She has a heart. In fact, she probably has a bigger and better heart than any woman you’ve ever known because she’s had a front-row seat to The Mess That Is Your Life, and she likes you anyway. She obviously sees something worthwhile and redeeming in you because although you’ve given her nothing, absolutely no reason to still be around, she is. Anyway, yeah. I’m a Meantime Girl. Been one for him. For how long, I can’t remember. I don’t know the reason, really, and at this point I don’t even care. I just want to let every guy know who’s ever had the good fortune to have a Meantime Girl that we may be a lot of fun, but we cry, too. A lot. And someday we won’t be around. yes. I’m one of those, or I feel like one at any rate. Except I haven’t slept with anyone, and don’t think I will for the reasons above.

One Day Down, Many to Go

Today wasn’t so bad. But I’m still horribly lazy. Woke up at 730, when my mother poked me to wakefullness. So I get my lazy arse outta bed, make and eat breakfast then proceed to throw everything I think I might need into a bag and Mom drops me off at school. MCB was okay, though the funny film he showed at the start of class was odd. PS 2 was okay too, though he has a funny accent. Come to think of it, what I wrote while sitting in class: Sitting in class now. I don’t know if it’s Wheeler Auditorium that doesn’t have wireless or if I’ve killed my wireless card again (I did that before, but I hope I haven’t again, since I have NO idea how I’m supposed to fix it. -_- MCB wasn’t too bad. Though I think I’m going to have issues with memorizing all that crap. I’m mad at that stuff, bleh. Poli Sci is starting now, but it’s being EEEVIL. Well, not really. I can barely understand the professor, since he talks funny. And we’re going to ahve a paper due about the electoral system of the US or somethingoranother, which may prove difficult since I’m clueless with that stuff. Bleah. and I’m getting hungry. It’s only 1120! I have to last till *thinks* later. WAAAY later. Argh. Lazy. Shower calls.


Oriana is going home for spring break! ^_^ She’s happy about it, though pissed off at the reasons. Basically, my dad isn’t giving me a choice anymore because he’s convinced I’m going to spend those eleven days getting drunk outta my mind. Or stoned, or otherwise doing things I shouldn’t be doing. Geezus. He has so much faith in me. Then again, both my parents do. The last couple days have been fairly uneventful, though I’ve been obsessed with loading music onto my iPod. I’m at 13.11 gigs. Which means I’ve got about another ten to go. -_-;; But I my iPod. I’m not bringing my external with me to Vegas, so whatever’s on my iPod is all the music I’ll have for the next four days. Then again, I currently have enough music to last me eight days straight. My iPod’s battery will need charging by then. XP Anyhoo, I must get off the internet before my dad realizes I’m on. I want break to be over. I wanna go back to school. Or home. -_-


So mom found the other half of my Sims 2 CDs. But my computer woulndn’t read them. So I had to use mom’s computer to copy them onto blanks and use those. That worked, fairly well. But when the installer hits 77% (or what should be the end of the third disc) it messes up and can’t copy one of the files. I can’t figure out how to get around that. So no Sims 2 for me. I’m going to try to install it on mom’s computer later, when Jonny’s gone. Today we’re going to go drop Jonny off at Kevin’s then Mom and Dad are going shopping for some stuff. I’ve been trying to convince them to let me stay home, but they don’t seem to be liking the idea, especially after last Friday. -_- Like I they’ve never left me alone in this house before. Goddamnit, they’ve been doing that since I was in kindergarten. I’m not going to fall over dead if someone breaks in, I’ve got brains enough to call the police, y’know? And, what are the chances someone is going to break in again? Geezus. I can’t wait for break to be over