Merry Christmas; I miss you.

Merry Christmas people. Maybe I’ll text people later today when it’s really Christmas, maybe I won’t. I don’t fancy spending ten cents on everyone in my phonebook. Well, I spose that’s all I can do. I’ll text then, if I remember to. I’m generally wishing I was back in school or in the Philippines. I’ve been with my parents since monday (mom) – tuesday (dad and mom) ish and I already want them to go home. Dad is either grumpy or lecturing me about something. Mom generally keeps telling me things I already know. Or she waves something at me and tells me to read it. So I read it. Then she sits there and starts reading it to me. At which point I tell her, Mom, I can read, and she looks at me funny. The only point in going home would be to see my friends, and I totally don’t get that now. Blah. Stop telling me to come home. It makes me even more miserable. I want to come home, but I obviously can’t. I’ve got friends here, but I feel like we’ve all forgotten each other in exchange for our friends back home. But I’ve missed out on that part of the deal, all I’ve got is my brother. (Yes, I miss the Philians, the Tespanistas, the Bers, the debaters and just about everyone who I was half-way close to in the Philippines.) I’m sitting here, half-convinced that everyone’s forgotten me. Then the other half of my brain kicks in and wonders what I expect people to do? I know that most probably, I’m being unreasonable and silly, but whatever. It’s possible. I miss you. Yes, YOU.

Scaaaary! Kinda.

That was strange. So I’m sitting here, happily talking to Alicia and Anthony (who was horribly hyper. well, I haven’t talked to him in a while, so it might just have been me.) and Jonny suddenly goes, Hey Kath, is someone in the house? So I stand up and look over the stairs and TA-DA, there are three black teens standing in the front landing. Brilliant. One of them looks up (lovely for the police description) and I call the police. By the time the police get here, they’ve left. That settled it for my dad though. We’re moving once he finds a house he likes. He’s been talking about moving for ages, but it’s never happened. It also solidifies his idea that I should still live in the dorms next year. Yeah RIGHT. Unless I find a friend who wants to share a room with me, living in the dorms next year isn’t all that appealing. But well, my dad is being his usual horribly protective self. *shrugs* We’ll see. Yi and I have agreed that we’ll start looking for apartments and such when school starts again. If I find something nice enough (for my dad’s impossible standards), I hope I’ll be able to talk him into letting me live there, instead of in a dorm. Erah. I have no idea what happened to the formatting on my last entry. Perhaps I poked something on Vim and it got weird?

Slllllooooowwww (now say that slowly)

Ahhh. I’m going into internet-withdrawal. The slowness of AOL dial-up is annoying me already, and I’ve only had to put up with it for TWO days. I have no idea how I’m going to survive the rest of break. Hopefully I’ll get around to installing some spiffy programs to play with and that’ll keep me busy. or designing/coding ze new layout and the new {m} layout. I should really get around to doing those two, instead of TRYING to go about everyday life on the internet on this crap connection. Today was mainly spent shopping. Dad decided to go to Gilroy (and not to Milpitas, much to Jonny and my dismay, since there’s less to do there) and we basically spent the whole afternoon there. I’m currently ing my phone, since it provides great amusement while my brother is trying on a bazillion different pairs of shoes. Jonny, for the record, is the most boring person to shop with, well, with the exception of my dad. He doesn’t talk a whole lot, and most of the shopping-time is spent with me talking or trying to get him to say something halfway interesting. At any rate, now I know a.) who he likes (which I knew before, but he didn’t know I knew) b.) why he’s not asking her to the prom c.) other stuff. Hahahahha. We then drove up to San Jose to eat dinner at Original Joe’s, my dad is obsessed with the place. BUT they had a one and a half hour wait, so we didn’t eat there. Instead, Dad drove back to the city (by this point, I was v. hungry. Though it didn’t really matter since I was asleep) and we ate at Lulu’s. Haven’t eaten there in ages. Loads of food. As always, Dad always over orders, without fail. 33 frito misto. Now my mother insists that it’s late and that I must go to sleep. Isn’t she supposed to be JETLAGGED? I mean, c’mon, my sleeping sched is more messed up than her’s and I LIVE in this timezone, she flew in from halfway around the world. -_- Blah, off to bed. Goodbye, slow internet. It’s probably better that I don’t sit here, I can’t be frustrated about the slowness while I’m asleep or distracted by whatever I happen to be reading.


I’m home! ^_^ Well Home being Oakland, not the Philippines. That means I get good food (though that starts when dad arrives tomorrow), my own bathroom, a brother to order around and poke etc, etc. But because home temporarily = Oakland, home also entails: pretty much empty house, internet that is very, very slow (and weird *cough* AOL *cough*) and the incredible silence that this house always sits in (why I’m always so sleepy when I’m here). Mom finished unpacking, so I’ve spotted a couple Christmas presents from various relatives, one is wrapped, the other two aren’t. Uncle Willy also sent me a book (I think he alternates books with clinique stuff) which I didn’t realize was a present until I had the box open. So Hah, I wasn’t purposely opening presents early. I’ve also got a couple more jackets, since parents + grandma seem to think I’m freezing to death here. Most of them are neat though. :] I’m wearing a gray one atm, that’s much like my black and white one, but all gray. And I am so stealing, er, borrowing, one of mum’s jackets. Though I don’t know where I’d wear it. It’s mink and it’s comfy and warm! And its a tad bit too small for her! Lol. Yes, I borrow my mom’s stuff. And she borrows my stuff. (She insists that I don’t use some of my coats, so as not to put them to waste, she uses them. I know she just likes them and wants to steal them when I’m not looking. XP kidding. But she really does borrow my stuff.) My laptop is at the dorm, and I’m using Mum’s computer. I feel like I’m missing part of my brain or something. I keep thinking, I want to check (whatever) or show mum something, but it’s on my laptop. -_- got my Poli Sci grade, a B. Bleh. That’s decent, I spose, for a paper I wrote that morning. Oh well.


I finally got around to mailing the assorted Christmas cards. I even had to go to the post office to send off Titch’s. Darn international person. Other than that, I haven’t gotten much done at all. I woke up fairly early, because Christina was talking really, really loud to Erika. If that hadn’t happened, I probably would have stayed in bed till at least noon. Who ever thought that I’d wake up this late on a regular basis? Then again, I did go to sleep at about five. BT is being horribly slow, I’m considering leaving my laptop here tonight so I can keep downloading and just picking it up tomorrow. ^^;; Anyhow, I’m going to go pack some of my stuff up. Bleh.

cleaning my room

I just finished cleaning my room some I am determined to have a clean room by the time mom gets here on Monday. ^^;; I really haven’t done much today, thanks to my extreme boredom (therefore unproductive-ness) and general laziness. I’ve got another draft for a new layout, but I really don’t think I’m going to get any serious work done for a while. About the skinning and all that, I think I’m going to be a lazyass and just tweak b2evo. I can’t figure out how I’d skin a website that contains a blog. that’s also skinned. That’s like having a skinned site within a skinned site. Making sense? No? Blah. I’d switch to WordPress, and I’m sure it can’t be hard, but I’d rather take the lazy way out and just use b2evo as a general content manager. Haha. I talked to Taylor for a while yesterday and he thinks I’m being a lazy ass, but I am, so it’s no big surprise. We talked about general crap for a while and I hung up on him once or twice by accident (I did call back, mind you.) It’s also amazing how I can talk to someone for a good two hours and sit here not remembering most of what we talked about. ^^;; Maybe I’ve got a bad memory, or maybe it’s just a sign that it was random stuff. *shrugs* Maybe I’ll go to sleep. Maybe I won’t. I’m bored. Very, very bored. Kelley went home earlier. Out of all the people I hang out with half-way regularly, only Simon is left. -_- Looks like I’m in for another boring day tomorrow.

Quizzy Thing

Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Moderate Schizoid: Moderate Schizotypal: High Antisocial: Moderate Borderline: Moderate Histrionic: High Narcissistic: Moderate Avoidant: High Dependent: High Obsessive-Compulsive: High Test is here; Info is here I know I took that test before, the results are probably somewhere on my LJ, I should dig them out so I can compare ^^;; This time around, that quiz was stolen from dash/Dan.

Layouts and php-ing

This is driving me nuts. All I want to do right now is skin my site and do some coding. But I can’t till I finish making a new layout, and I just CAN’T seem to do that. I went through two scratch layouts yesterday, layouts that I would use if I didn’t have such a specific goal in mind DC++ is raping my computer. It’s insane. I’ve downloaded about one eleventh of how much I’ve uploaded (116 gigs) since I turned DC++ on yesterday. But I got more anime, and plan to get even more tonight, so that’s good. ^^ I’ve been sleeping unusually often. I woke up a little before noon yesterday (called Anthony) and went back to sleep for a little bit, stayed up till about five, went to sleep. Woke up at nine and stayed up till two thirty, went to sleep. And I woke up at about ten thirty today. David thinks my dizziness might be caused by me sleeping too much, but I don’t think so. I’m sleeping so much because I’m dizzy. It’s harder for me to type (thank god for the delete key) and it’s hard for me to cut things (Christmas card making) without fucking up. So I resort to sleeping. But even that is kind of strange. You know the feeling you get after you’ve spent the whole day in the water? When you’re sleeping you feel like your floating and moving around yeah? I’m getting that. And I haven’t been in a pool of water larger than a puddle (and even I’m not small enough to swim in that) since August or possibly even July. This whole dizzy-Katherine thing has David v. paranoid. But he’s always paranoid, so I shouldn’t be surprised. He got really annoyed last night about my not eating dinner (since I was asleep when all my friends went and still dizzy when I woke up) and sleeping too much. It’s amusing how paranoid and all he is. Silly Kuya. (I can poke fun at him all I want since I know he hates read blogs with a passion) Katherine has also made a couple Christmas cards, and left Taylor a note on his blog and an email asking for his address. He’s at the top of my list for people who have to get cards. After all, he is my beloved minion. I mean, what would I do without somebody to PERL my madlibs for me? Or php a whole chat community (which he still isn’t done with) or fix my CSS when I don’t remember what z-index does? XP Speaking of addys, I have to find the post-its that I wrote Tiff and Titch’s addys on. >_< So many things to do before Monday night (when mom gets here) But nothing I really want to do. I’m almost always bored I really just want to curl up and go to sleep But half the time, I can’t sleep (which makes sense, since I’m getting more than enough sleep). I want to fiddle with/poke at something. But there’s nothing to poke at. I’m going to have to wait until at least Tuesday before I get my iPod, and I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to open it as soon as I get it, or if I’ll have to wait till Christmas day rolls around. Like I said earlier, I want to poke at the code behind my blog, and, maybe the code b2evo runs on *shrugs* We’ll see. BUT I need to finish the layout before I can write/edit the html/php behind it. -_- Arrrrgh.


Last night was, erm, interesting. Also a horrible decision. Homework was impossible after that. I feel really sorry for Kelly, who was trying to help me with my math homework. Lol. Fun nonetheless. Ehrm. Two weeks of school left. Then I’m revamping the entire site, getting a new domain and seriously slaving over all this. Maybe. THough I’m betting that once all that rolls around, I’ll be lazy and tired as hell. So, well, we’ll see. Till I get the energy to write a proper entry~ Oh great. I was about to go take a nap. But Taylor just came online. Demmit.

Lotsa Memory!

A couple things to say before I go to do my homework (riiiiight.) 1. I’ve got a new external HDD. I just finished sticking it all together and installing it, so I’m really excited. About $130 for 250gigs, not bad, I say. 2. The {m}aganda website is done. {m}aganda magazine dot org. I made that. All of it. Except the archives. I LOVE the splash image. Lol. I feel like such a bubbly headed ditz right now.