Dinosaur Tails

We finished making Simon’s costume. One big-ass blue dinosaur tail and a bunch of spikes. We also made Kelley’s shell and her weapon things. She’s gonna be a ninja turtle. Not so strangely, however, I have no idea what I’m going to dress up as. I’ve made three people’s costumes, but have none myself. Typical me. I woke up, rolled out of bed and lo-and-behold, Taylor was online. So we worked on GA a bit, then we both had to go. I had lunch/breakfast with a bunch of people from my floor, came back, attempted to poke at windows and change the text on the start button Damn restore features, it replaced my hacked version with the original everytime I do it. Nrrrgh. I was going to try using a hex editor and just sticking to the five characters, but Simon came in while I was working on that, thus, it hasn’t happened. I’ll try again tomorrow or something. Snippet from conv with Taylor: Me: So I make it smaller and the textbox bigger, right? Taylor: Yeah Me: Kay~ Taylor: Good minion. That was funny, cos I call him my minion. But this time, he was the one telling me what to do. I guess that’s generally how we work. With my work/ideas, he pokes at them, and vice versa with his ideas. Freaking heck, Titch is going to LA. *mutters*


I’ve got my fishies back. So I was talking to Yi this morning and I noticed that my fish were gone, then she told me that Christina kidnapped them since they thought I was going to leave the fish to die. I’ve got them back, after proving to Alison (Christina’s roommate) that I had fish food. & and it’s Christina’s birthday today! Nothing much else has happened though I must say it’s getting colder. & and with my luck I’ll get an athsma attack.


Bah. I’m almost done with one part out of three bits of math homework. Then I shall go to sleep. Maybe. Or do more math homework. Or actually do my Poli Sci reading It majorly needs doing, since it’s my first sub tomorrow, at 940. Poop. Then I’ll have to find a copy of one of those Sociology movies so I can write my paper which, conviniently, is due on Tuesday. Someone has obviously been doing a lot of procrastinating. :lalala::crazy:


So I met up with Vin and Nicole at the F stop So Kristina, Vin, Roxanne, Nicole, Barbara, Ken and I took the bus to San Fran, walked to Soma Fest and camped out there till four. The walk wasn’t bad, though it got horribly cold and windy at some points. We got there without getting lost (yay for us) and everything was fairly uneventful except when we saw the bus we could have taken stopping across the street and Kristina goes~ That’s the bus we’re supposed to be on!!!! REALLY really loud. And Vin goes, Run after it, you just ran a marathon! SOMAFest itself was pretty fun. I got two goldfish (haha, let’s see how long they last) after Vin chickened out. We were also sposedly doing face painting, though only Nicole was drawing with Ken doing the mangos (since he draws them pretty) I also had so much fun poking Henry in the side since he makes this really funny sound I started getting cramps partway through, so I took another tablet of Aleeve I usually don’t have to take two in a day, but everyone was so cheerful and energetic I couldn’t help it. X_x Lol, major pack animal-ness. I took a total of seventy pictures including some pretty neat looking pictures of the goldfish and a troll. Haha. I bought filipino food for lunch, incredibly rich and greasy – typical. There was also cotton candy, which was really good. It wasn’t normal it was flavored in someway and absolutly HUGE. Strangely, however, it melted pretty fast I never thought of San Fran as a humid place. I remember Cheng’s debut, with the darned fountains and how fast the cotton candy would melt. Henry drove us all back to school and dropped us off at our homes I was stuck in the middle front seat between Henry and Vin, which was actually okay, though it was pretty hard not to fall asleep. Got back to the dorm, ran into Daniel, who was on his way out to check his mail and looking like a pineapple, stuck around in my room some, on the internet. Played Gunbound for a while, had dinner, met up with Adrien (is it just me or that’s not the normal spelling of that name?) and Nicole and we took the bus to Kristina’s house. I felt really funny on the bus, since I was standing there with a backpack and a pillow and my pillowcase is this cutesy thing I got at IKEA – it’s white with all these little colorful monsters all over it. Typical kid stuff. Typical Kloh. So we get to Kristina’s house, march up the three flights of stairs and woah, she has a cool room. Majorly. At any rate, we decide we are in need of munchies, so Nicole, Kristina and I walk over to Andronico’s to buy food. We deemed Safeway too far, so we just dealt with the expensiveness. We bought smores, bread, cream cheese, cracker-things and water. Then when we got back to her house, we nicked a bag of chips and a bunch of plastic cups from the kitchen and carried everything up. I suppose we got a fair amount of work done, though it didn’t feel like it. We’re generally going with the idea of power, though we just don’t know how we’re going to phrase that in the call for submissions. Vin did come up with a funny idea for the title – Maganda Magazine Special Issue: How to change the world. We started throwing ideas around for cover designs too though I didn’t bring my laptop, so I couldn’t do anything. While er the art guy (the only person whose name I don’t remember. Yay for me.) was drawing I fell asleep on Vin’s knee. In the end, everyone more or less gave up on trying to come up with exact phrasing and instead decided to go home. Since just about everyone was going home, I decided to go home as well. So Henry, being the lovely person with a car that he is, dropped us off one by one. Har har. I got back to my room to find a.) Erika asleep and b.) Yi not there. I figured Yi went back to Fresno (more later) and puttered off to the bathroom. Lo and behold, I run into Charlie, annoying boy of the universe. I eventually got him to leave me alone, after refusing to hug him and not letting him into my room (he claims that he wanted to sit on my bed and would be quiet.) Talked to Char for a short time and to Amy, who told me about her and Rosa’s (Bele) idea for Lil and Chris. I’ll get around to doing it some day Though I honestly don’t know what to send. Gaaah A few days left for DW and I can’t stand being in the GH for more than a few minutes. With my luck, it’ll close and I won’t realize it for a couple days. Then again, it’s better this way than when I was totally obsessed At I don’t know what time, I went up to Daniel’s room to bug him, since I had nothing to do in my room. He was finishing a Korean movie which had a pretty funny ending, though I don’t know the story (I saw maybe the last ten mins). Then we played Gunbound and he tried to demo his frustration with his video card through Warcraft but it was working fairly normal looking to me. Haha. At maybe three something I decided to go to sleep so I walked down to my room and Daniel went and updated his LJ while I was sitting there. That was a funny entry, completly pointless. Then someone opened the door (with a key, doi.) and poof – there was Yi, with some random guy behind her. I think he’s a friend of hers from High School and they went to the city together during the day. So she told me that he was going to sleep on the floor I eventually volunteered to let him use my bed, since I probably wouldn’t get much sleeping done anyway. I ended up going to sleep in Daniel’s room, though between the internet and waking up nice and freaking early – I didn’t sleep a whole lot. I left Daniel a note, since he was still asleep when I plodded back to my room to call my mom (since she thought I was at Kristina’s house). Yi was just waking up and her friend was out buying breakfast Yi called him and asked how he was going to get back into our building since he was key-less and he goes, Oh, I took your keys. Smart boy. Mom picked me up, we passed by the little street-food-fair-thingy near the BART station on College and had breakfast/lunch there. I bought a total of five books, paying about $30 for the first two then $2.72 for the second three. I got the first two at Pendragon and the second three at a used-stuff store. I Pegasus and Pendragon bookstores, though I always get them mixed up and don’t know why they have to be so complicated as to have two names anyway. I have so far figured out that Pegasus is the one across from Barnes and Noble on Shattuck and Pendragon is on College and much farther from school. Though I spose if I got really bored and walked far enough (maybe 10 blocks) I’d get there. So now I’m resisting the urge to go read my new (or new though used) books and trying to convince myself to read my Polisci reading instead Bleagh. Or do math homework. Maybe I’ll be extra productive and do both today. Somehow, I doubt that. Oh, and before I go, kudos to Char for being psychic. She just knows me way too well. Lol.


I’ll probably post this later tonight or tomorrow or maybe even on Sunday, depends when I get myself on the internet. Today was really fun, Yi, Drea and I went to the mall and (obviously) bought stuff. We started out in BCBG, where Yi wanted to put something on hold and never went back for it since she decided that she had already spent too much money. Then we went over to the Bebe outlet, where I found a pretty poofy jacket that made me look like a marshmallow, though I ended up not getting it and getting a similar jacket somewhere else for half the price. I’m kuripot. Haha. Mom told me to buy jeans, so I looked. I ended up only buying one pair, though I’ve discovered that with some brands I don’t even fit into a size zero. Hahaha I’m a size fourteen, KIDS. :lalala: Though in general, I’m a sixteen kids, which is halfway normal, unless it’s Limited Too because their sizes are stupid. A fourteen is icky, since I don’t wear fitted pants, and the sixteen is huge. Demmit. So I end up with one pair of jeans from Gap kids, nice jeans that have glitter on them. >_> I thought the glitter was pretty odd, but the jeans are comfy and I figure that some of the glitter will wash out and it’s not too obvious. After a while, Drea and I lost Yi, since we took too long in one store. So we were walking along and approaching Coldstone. I figured that I’d call Yi and see if she wanted to get some ice cream I see the line, and guess who’s the last person in line? Yi. Predictably, we both kept laughing about this. Typical us. We also saw a t-shirt at Forever 21 that read, on’t Tease. I Bite. Drea thought I should get it, thought Yi didn’t really get the whole joke. Not surprising, since I’ve stopped biting. I remember biting Tim once cos he had something and wouldn’t let go of it (possibly my tessen or his camera, or whatever it was) and he said, You don’t want to bite that, you don’t know where my hands have been. Which was icky. Lol. I’ve never been much of a shopper, since I get bored, impatient, or tired being dragged around by whoever I’m with, but today was fun anyway. Though I’m totally out of money and shall have to ask my mother for more. She did say she’d pay for my clothes, since she knows that I wouldn’t buy anything otherwise. I’d much rather spend the money on comics or books dorkness. We picked up Drea at Santa Clara, and saw her room. God, the hugeness. She has a sink in her room. Stupidness Berkeley needs bigger rooms. Poo. Just thought I’d write about this, just because I feel like typing as always. So I was in a rather nasty mood, thanks to two not so fun boys. The first one was annoying the hell out of me online, being, horribly stupid and possesive. I mean geez, I I don’t wanna refer to him as my dear, get over it. I barely even know the guy and heck – I don’t know if he thinks I like him or something, but there’s no way in hell I’m calling him that. I pointed out the fact that I only call a couple people dear, like Tatsie, Glenn, Jonny, Char, Taylor Tiff. If I’m sleepy enough, happy enough or erm, hyper enough, I just randomly start calling people that, but it’s not like I’m depriving him of anything by not calling him that. Labo. Argh. Annoying. The second guy waltzes into our room, drags me off my bed and chair, takes my headphones (to hear what music I was listening to and saying it’s junk) then makes fun of me to no end because I had a box of pantyliners on my bed. After refusing to hug him, telling him to go away and crawling under my blanket and just hiding there, Yi got mad at him and he left. Thank god for Yi. I eventually got more normal (haha) after talking to Char and playing Gunbound with Daniel some. Char said she’d call me, and even asked her grandmother but there’s something about the line not being able to dial long distance the long and the short of the story is that she’s going to have to wait for her dad to get back from Canada to teach her how to get around that limitation. Then she’ll call me. Haha. I ¦ Char. (Yeah, I’m hinting, people, call me, wake me up – I don’t care. {from the philippines: 001-510-333-5251}) Then Daniel convinced me to play Gunbound, so I played some though I’m horrible at that game. I think I’m generally pretty shitty with games that involve any sort of strategy. That includes RO. My general cycle of playing games: I start out, like the game, get totally obsessed, get nowhere, keep playing, eventually get distracted by something else Yeah. Haha. The only thing that has lasted through that cycle is DW, and that’s shutting down next week, so blah. The Gunbound music drives me nuts. I really have to figure out how to turn it off. Or ask Daniel when I see him online next. That would be a good idea. That and finally ordering my RAM. //added later~ I just watched the video Tina made again. Tali was SO much fun, dammnit. I don’t know if they’re pushing through, but Tita Mel was talking about going to Baguio over Christmas Break I won’t be there, but what the hell, that would have been fun. Good thing I didn’t have this video last night, I would have probably started crying. -_-‘ Ken just called, to give me directions about where we’re sposed to meet for {m} tomorrow Then Adrian called, says he’s not going to the SOMAfest, but he’s going to Kristina’s. Haha, I’m looking forward to this and having a hard time deciding what to wear since it might be not so warm in the city And trying to figure out which cameras I want to bring Haha. These are the things I really think about. :crazy: I was just talking to my mom apparently my dad thinks ipay is spelled Pie *lmao* Poor girl, I’m gonna tell her about this the next time I see her online I hate it when I message someone, walk off, and come back to a message from them and an away message It annoys me to no end.

First Day of School.

So first thing, I woke up because Yi and Erika were so freaking noisy. So I finally crawled out of bed and got changed and all that. Till Christine called and I met her in the lobby and we walked off to the Extension building. Haha. While we were waiting for class to start Jonny called me and I was thinking, What the hell, why are YOU calling? And it turned out that he wanted to know how to use the scanner. Pfft, and I thought he actually called becasuse he missed me. Anyhow, classes were fun enough. I almost fell asleep during Rhetotic at first, but then I got less sleepy and everything was okay after that. PoliSci, as people here call it, was pretty fun. Christine and I stayed after class to talk to the professor and we ended up giving him ideas for a 24-second video for Converse. Haha, it was pretty funny. Snippet of PoliSci Class: Prof: So, you out of state people, did you drive or fly? *people mumble answers* Me: Took a boat Prof: Really? *me and the rest of the class burst out laughing* Prof: I was thinking about taking a cruise, so I believed you. All in all, today has been pretty fun. I had dinner out with mum and dad then I got back here, to my dorm room, after dragging my stuff up the stairs and giggling like hell. Then some random guy came into our room to say hi, which was pretty funny. Guy: It’s hard if you’re sitting up Yi: Well, my bed is up there. (Yi is on the upper bunk of a bunk bed) Me: You guys can use my bed. Guy: That sounded wrong. After a while Yi, Erika and I left and we went off to buy food from The Den. So I bought myself more icecream. Haha. This ice cream fix must be really, really bad for me.


I just got back from watching Hero with Christina, Remen and er, shiyet, I don’t remember her name. The movie was really pretty, though I think the effects were a bit overdone in some places. Though the whole thing about the leaves changing colors from yellow to red was PRETTY, I think it was overdone and I could just see the hue slide going Whee till the whole thing turned red. The scene would’ve looked nicer if the tree trunks and all stayed normal and not the whole darned screen got red-washed. I went school-supply shopping with mum earlier, so I now have a graphing calc (which I can’t use for the life of me, go backward Philippine students!), a webcam (haha, get me to use it soon. :crazy and erm, a cordless mouse. I got back to my dorm after we picked up dad from the golf course and I intalled my webcam and whee! it worked~! Tried it with Taylor and Titch, both of them said they could see me, but they couldn’t hear me, oh well. Anyhow, class starts tomorrow and Christine said she’d call me, but I have no idea what time that’s going to be, so I’m off to take a shower and possibly, though just possibly, go to sleep. Knowing me, I’ll end up online again. It’s just the way I am


Whee. Let’s see, so I woke up at ten, finally got moving and got outta the dorm at about noon. We plopped down to the computer center, where I asked them how I’m sposed to set up my internet connection so they told me that if my roommate has an internet connection, I can use hers to set mine up. So I was like, Thanks for telling me now, I’ve had internet all along anyway, I just wanted to set up my Berkeley connection. So Yi, Christina and I went of to Caltopia and got lots and lots of free stuff. :>> Like free stickers and a Adobe Demo CD and well, lots of fun stuff. :lalala: After Caltopia, Christina and I went on a mad search for the Cal Forensics meeting, which we did not find. So we ended up back in the room with Yi, as she attempted to get her computer fixed. Its still kicked of the Berkeley network and I keep telling her to just get a wireless card and do as I do. Haha, the evilness. We eventually scuttled off to dinner then to some sorta dance fake gambling thing set up by the ASUC. That was well, odd. Yi and Christina bullied me into dancing and well, people here are odd. Some guy was majorly grinding with Yi (she thinks he was WAY too horny :lalala and well, stuff like that. Dancing, or attempting to, with boys is odd. I am such a Catholic schoolgirl. Haha. So after I finally convinced Christina and Yi that we wanted to go somewhere not so hot and noisy, we walked to Christina’s friend’s brother’s apartment and bummed around there for a while. It was fun, though we all just kept insulting each other and making side comments. I supposedly don’t look half Filipino. And, as usual, I got the whole You have good english for someone from the Philippines Which I always think is hillarious. On our way to Reman’s (guy’s name) apartment, we walked by a couple frat houses and some random guy goes up to us and says, Have you met so-and-so? He’s a freshman Then proceeds to introduce himself and the other guy. So we say hi and prepare to walk off, then they asked us if we wanted to go party with them, odd people. Anyway, we were like, Well, we’re going to a friend’s apartment And some guy, who was prolly majorly drunk, goes, Can I come too? And Christina, very entertainingly, asks, You’re into guys? Then he said he had a car, and we could go there, and we all just looked at him kinda funny and he goes, That was a joke, you were supposed to laugh! And we’re like, Riiight. People here are funny. At any rate, Dad’s pickin me up tomorrow morning cos we’re going with Uncle Willy to visit Grandpa in the cemetary. Then I’m coming back here for an ASUC orientation then they’re picking me up agian and I’m sleeping at the house. Then I’m back here at 830, for another orientation. Oh, the funness of this all. Two days to the start of school. Must do all the stupid things now. Haha. Wonder what mom’ll say when she sees the laptop. (It’s covered in magazine cutouts and stickers I have a Nemo, part of an Ipod ad, sneakers, something Irisa drew, a sticker that says art of the ProChoice Majority, a neoprint of Erica and me, a plastic gun and lots of other fun stuff. I shall post a picture of it here one day) I just randomly remembered these Tshirts Christina and I got this morning (two for $3, haha). They’re white and say I Europeans. So when we got back from Caltopia and I was online, I was talking to Titch about planning and designing a new version of Soulofjustice and I mentioned the shirt to him and he goes, I’m european! and I was like, Yeah, I know, that’s why I’m telling you about it. It was pretty fun. :>> Or I’m just weird. Or both. That guy confuses me. Seriously. Though not in the way you probably think. It’s hard to explain and I’m not going to bother trying. Point is, its not because I like him in that way, since in all honesty, I barely know him, but because of other things. Haha, complicatedness. Speaking of internet relationships, I think its cool how Thrawn and Kari are. He’s visiting her this coming Friday. I think. Hope he works out his issues with her parents.

Yeah, whatever.

I was packing or throwing clothes into a suitcase to be more accurate and my dad goes on his whole LONG thing about the way I dress. That I’m too cheap, that I should stop wearing brightly colored t-shirts and black pants (jeans aren’t even pants to him). Blah, blah, blah. We’ve been through this a million times and I don’t think it’s ever occurred to him that I’m seventeen – not my mom’s age or something. He goes on and on about how white and beige look best during the summer (which, he notes, it always is here) and therefore, I shouldn’t wear black pants. Or how look at all the fashion magazines, they wear nice shoes (aka, pointy toed shoes that I think look ridiculous) He’s more up to date with all this fashion stuff because I frankly don’t care. He knows that. I wear what I feel like wearing when I feel like wearing it. Thus, you see me dressed up when I go to the mall or wearing boots with three or four inch heels to the airport. I’m just like that. Unless there are specific rules, I’ll wear what I want to. He goes on and on about me dressing like a college kid (which, unless something heavy has fallen on his head recently and has caused him to forget, he knows I technically am) and upgrading myself bah. He wants me to dress like my mom. And wants my mom to dress like my grandmother. As my mom has said before, he’s way too classical when it comes to what he wants to see people wear. If I can find the alley, I’m buying more of those colorful shirts he hates. And no, I’m not doing this to annoy him – I want to paint them. Though he probably won’t care and will still yell anyway but it’s simple enough to pretend to hear him. I was talking to Pam earlier (while I was burning my mini discs) and she said that her computer won’t turn on. I’m hoping it’s something minor, like a busted power supply unit or something Something that won’t hurt her files and won’t entail getting a new computer. I’m not just worried because Endtimes is well, was on that computer (though that’s part of the reason) but I’ve had computers eat my files (this computer did that once ate everything one day, for no reason) and crash on me it’s horrible to lose files. Get well, Pam’s computer! I feel like a psycho for saying that. X_x I quote me, describing my LJ: (not exact words, but something like em) It’s an online journal that I don’t write in much I use it to keep in touch with my RL (real life) friends. After I sent that message I was thinking to myself: Loser much. Hopefully I’ll go visit the people who are at Ateneo (Mainly Pinky since she’s the one who messaged me) on Tuesday and maybe see Pam on Saturday. *remembers more things* Before I go on, I just feel like typing, so type I shall. Be warned, however, that I an bound to make no sense. not like that’s new though. So I asked Pam what she wanted from Hong Kong and she says, ocky! So I started bargaining with her for characters in Gravity (which she says she shall rewrite and butcher all the characters while doing so) and all she would say was ocky! until I said You sound like a mangled Chi and she goes, Yeah, but I’m not every fanboy’s dream Naturally, I said, How do you know? ^_~ And I was just laughing at my mental image of her expression. Doo, dee, doo~ I am about to be sentenced to going to bed. Hmph. I’m supposed to wake up at three tomorrow morning anyway, why go to sleep? Okay, well, I asked my mom that and she got mad at me. Said I’d get sick, bleh, bleh, bleh First off, I’ve done it more than once before, though obviously without telling her. Secondly, will three hours make a big difference? (I’ll end up lying in bed bored listening to Mini Discs until midnight or so the joys of a body clock that only sleeps from midnight to eight in the morning) And my mother is here. Goodbye to me.


First thing this afternoon, I got a haircut. I’ve got about two inches of hair less and it’s blowdried all funny. I shall wash it out in a bit. I got home did some DW stuff and finally got around to burning myself some MDs. I’ve done about eight Most of which are stuff off of CDs (Hah) and a few of them are MP3s. I’m stopping after this one is done because Jonny wants to use the computers and eight MDs (plus all my old ones) should last me three days – right? All I need to do is find batteries. Or that rechargable. *can’t believe she might’ve lost it* I probably threw it out thinking it was one of those funky Titanium or Lithium ones. Those DO last way longer than normal batteries and one of them lasts much longer than the other (about double) I just don’t remember which. (Helpful, ne?)