Fixed I think

I think I’ve fixed the time properly, I’ll be able to find out for sure after I finish posting this. I hate having LSS. I mean, at least it’s a halfway decent song – Sarah McLachlan’s Possesion, but it’s still annoying. Another annoying thing is I have a bruise on my chin. I hit my chin against the side of the table yesterday when I bent over at an odd angle while I was trying to catch my pink folder while it was falling off the table I was hyper, sleepy and, as always, totally uncoordinated. My dad came in right after and I was laughing nonstop. He though I was psycho. Then again, he probably thinks that on a regular basis. I haven’t gotten much done today. I didn’t see Kali online this morning and she’s online now but we’re not conversing Socs is on away Bleh. I am bored. and lonely. and needing someone to bug. and talk to. I have the coolest mp3, Dyne/Stephen (his msn nick sent it to me yesterday It’s like nine minutes long and pretty (not a word that’s usually used to describe sounds – but I can’t think of a better one) Hahaha I made my brother listen to it earlier and it eventually drove him nuts, though I don’t think it was the music itself but the very cheap speakers I was using. I forgot to mention this earlier – I have the coolest writing teacher. While we were waiting for a taxi to get here we ended up talking about anime and various comics. Hahaha – she watches Fruits Basket too and reads Jhonen Vasquez (however it’s spelled) and Roman Dirge and Vertigo Line (excuse my spelling, I’m not too sure about specifics) And she’s got my DNAngel manga. Wala lang, I thought it was really cool.

Doo Dee Doo~

*does the happy Ori dance* First off, I’ve got a new blog skin, it’s called sleep, after the Conjure One song that I took a line from. The song doesn’t make much sense nor does that line in the context of the song, but I thought it sounded neat. It took me a whole three hours to finish that skin after a while I couldn’t believe how incredibly stupid I was being. It took me forever to figure out how to center the whole thing but keep the text aligned to the right. I was sitting here thinking, Okay, now how did I do that on every other freaking layout I’ve made? It was stupid. It also took me a while to get that skin-choosing drop down menu to work. I was going to try to make one for the archives too but I’m getting annoyed already so I’ll do it another day. Till then archives will have to be navigated through another skin or that calander. Oh, and my body CSS stuff still isn’t working thus the ugly scrollbar. I don’t know WHY it’s not working. ;_; Second reason for being so happy is DW stuff. Hahaha

Writing lessons

And I finally have tons of stuff to do. I have like a bazillion things to read and an essay to rewrite for tomorrow morning. Graaaaaaaah. I suppose that if I keep myself off of the computer and away from MSN and DW I’ll be fine. But that’s an if, a major one. Well I haven’t done anything the whole day. I had Calculus in the morning, which tied up the morning, then Writing stuff in the afternoon which pretty much tied up the afternoon. And I shall be a good kid and do my writing homework after dinner and hopefully get myself online after that when the people I wanna talk to get online anyway. I’m off in the meantime in an attempt to convince myself to take a shower before dinner.


I’m finally updating. I’m back in the Philippines – the nice humid, polluted concrete jungle that I actually missed while I was away. Note, missed. *shrugs* I guess it’s always like that. Anyhoo – I’m leaving for the Con after I finish eating lunch and, well, start eating lunch. I’ll pick up Char on the way and maybe stop by somewhere to buy Pam Pocky I’ve downloaded most of the songs off Mae, Destination: Beautiful. I almost got that CD while Jonny and I were at Target for the simple reason that the cover was pretty. I didn’t because I had never heard of the band and Jonny and I agreed that it would be pretty stupid of me. Now I think I should’ve bought it oh well. XP Let’s see – what’s happened since I last updated? Went shopping with the Velosos + Drea. That was pretty fun. Did a lot of last minute packing, hopped onto a plane, got horrible allergies and got home. YAY. I don’t feel like writing much – am I obvious? Har har har. Jonny jsut walked in, looking for his cellphone charger My brother is the funniest. I’ve got pictures of him to post later and hopefully get a picture of his Cheshire (spelling?) Cat face (his normal face + mom’s purple/red glasses + a huge goofy grin). Anyhoo – he just walked in wearing what he calls gay jeans and a shirt that’s smaller than his normal shirts aka, more fitted. He looks really, really odd if you ask me, but I still think it’s funny. Jonny in somewhat fitted pants (not his normal skater shorts or baggy pants) and a fitted t-shirt He’ll never hear the end of this from me.

Mice and lizards

My house is being invaded!!!!111 Well, not quite. So the mice from the previous post have been caught, four of them anyway. They’re mildly cute and mildly horrendous and gross. They’re small, gray and very soft looking. But they have pointy noses and beady eyes. And god knows how dirty they are, thus gross. Times like this (and all the rest of my life, actually) I wish I had a snake. Like a big tame one that I can hug. And it’ll eat mice for me. Tee hee. Okay, so what I really do want is a ball python, but mom won’t let me get one, since I already have ete: and well, onto the next story I was walking through my living room yesterday, from the front hallway to the dining room (which is actually a TV room now) and, see, my living room has this medium thickness, very even beige carpet Its almost like walking on a big piece of soft felt – you can’t tell the hairs apart unless you stab at them with your finger. Anyway, I was walking along and I saw this little gray blob, I thought it might be an uber-small mouse, but as I looked closer I noticed it wasn’t, it was a lizard! I caught it in a bottle, brought it with me when I went to buy crickets for ete: this morning and the people at the pet store tole me its a blue bellied lizard. After much Googling, I’ve figured it out it eats bugs (ants and crickets will do), no veggies, likes warm temperatures (probably what it was doing in my house, its cold outside) but isn’t great at getting along with people. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep him yet. I feel pretty bad about letting him go, since he’s so small and he must’ve snuck in here because its warm and its all cold and rainy outside. :/ But on the other hand – I don’t know if I can afford crickets for two lizards. If anyone is feeling nice and wants to give me a christmas pressie/feed ete: *points toward her Paypal button* I spend $10.50 a week on his crickets, but anything helps. I’ll post pictures of the new lizard later.

New Years Resolution

Once again, I haven’t updated in a long time. -_-;; Summer break is pretty boring. I basically spend the day trying to sneak online and trying to read Hanakimi. More on that some other time, for now, its a cutesy manga. Christmas was okay, the coolest thing I got was a deck of black tiger cards (google it) from my brother. He also got me (but it arrived yesterday) a PHP book. I’m going to learn php! I will. I kind of wanted to learn Python, but in the end, I couldn’t decide. Anthony preferred PHP so we’re going with that. He’s way ahead of me though. Not totally unexpected, I guess. Tomorrow is New Year’s eve. We (parents + brother) are having dinner at Lulu’s. I’m looking at their online version of the New Years Eve menu and trying to decide on what I want Seared Sonoma Foie Gras or Wild Mushroom Pizzetti? Pear and Hazelnut Tart or Persimmon Custard Cake? I also have to figure out what to wear. Urrrgh. Anthony’s in China now. I miss him. I’m not going to see him again till school starts. He was online for a bit earlier, but I think he’s been disconnected. I can’t wait for school to startttt. And anthony’s back for a bit. So, I’ve come up with one New Years Resolution so far: To blog (almost) everyday. If anyone wants to join me on this, comment and I’ll make a little webring or something (I blog [almost] everyday!). It’ll be fun! My logic in doing this, I’ve got a blog, I’m paying for it, and its always fun to read back on old entries. Plus when I want to know when something happened, my blog is incredibly useful for doing so. Thus the resolution. ^^

Keeping my word

As part of my New Years Resolution (or, rather, as my only one) I’m trying to blog daily. Har har. Catherine is trying to blog every few days, Z’ohki is trying to blog everyday (I’d love to exchange links, btw! ) Rayne (hi, I don’t think we’ve ever met [commented? lol] before, but hi!) wishes she could, but doesn’t have enough time. Anyone else interested? Today the four of us went shopping for random cold-weather clothing things and stuff. I got a hat! Er, beanie. And that’s it in the picture! We were in Sportmart for SO long. And they had a discount, like $25 off for every $100 you spend. Our cashier was also prize-winningly dumb. She didn’t understand the math of adding and subtracting. Urgh. We sorted it out eventually. Got home, cooked and ate dinner And here I am! Attempting to learn Canon in D on the guitar. Oh, and I must mention that I got the guitar I wanted from Costco for myself for Christmas. I used my turking money to pay for it.I’m moving hosts and transferring my domain soon, so if things go down for a couple days or anything, I didn’t die. I just uh Well, needed some space. A faster domain transfer, actually. ^^


Yes, I broke my New Years resolution right after I made it. Not really! Ha! I’m slightly quite hyper right now since I just got everything to work. finally transferred my domain last night, and I was being an idiot and not reinstalling properly. I finally got it to work though! Hurrah! And everything works. All my skins, all my images etc. Well, I think they all do. I’m off to hunt for broken links now. Toodles~


I’m in Washington, with no regular internet access and no cellphone reception whatsoever. I promise to write a weeks worth of updates on my laptop (I’m on a library computer atm, its at least 8 years old) and post them when I get back. Toodles for now! Pray that I don’t fall too hard into a snowbank!

Cross Country

Har har! The hotel I’m at now has wireless. I’m enjoying this greatly. Its much nicer than the last one (which is saying something, since the last one was pretty neat too). And its one has WIRELESS. OMG. Wireless. *dies* The life w/o internet and without cellphone reception is pretty weird. And confusing. Anyway, I’ll post pictures later, because my camera died earlier and I have to charge it before I can transfer pictures. I’ve been cross country skiing for the last three days. We did 10km this morning, 8km yesterday, and I don’t remember how much the first day. I am not made for this sort of physical activity! Granted, none of my leg muscles hurt or anything, but my left forearm hurts. Is that not bizzare? Thats about it the interesting part of the post would be the pictures but those are coming in a bit still.